You lost your privacy the day you chose to be a celebrity – Victoria Inyama

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In a post she made on her Instagram page, the actress wrote that the day anyone chose to be a celebrity was the they lost their privacy. And that majority of the celebrities are victims of their talents.

You lost your privacy the day you chose to be a celebrity – Victoria Inyama

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I just had to share this from @inkyjohnsonmotivate ……………… This is an argument I always have with some of D Celebs….
Many of them have become victims of their talents….From some producers (films/music) to entertainers/Actors/ Influencers ?

Their arrogance is on planet Jupiter ?…… Even d ones that clearly don’t have any talents but have some random cash to flunt on Social media…. Always needing approval whilst stressing their lives out to impress…. but Never being honest… Some would Never respond to d Same fans that made them popular ?

Nor acknowledge their older colleagues. I read young persons insult older thespians over a comment or post made by d older colleague ?. Like….. your little popularity is damaging U………….. let’s see u in 20yrs?…let’s see u without social media… who would u be in 20yrs

Stop being Victims of your Status⁉️ ?. Be humble… lift up d ‘other’… stop insulting your predecessors ⁉️. I can’t imagine myself insulting Chief Zebudaya (for instance) if he made a comment I don’t like or agree with ??‍♀️

Get yourself some education so that there would be other decent avenues of earnings in future ⁉️ Be Humble!Learn to take criticisms….. D day U decided to be a Celeb is d day U lost your Privacy…… If U want a Private life Stop being so Damned Dramatic Stop being victims of your Status & Talents….Your talent is another’s matra

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