Winners Chapel hand band saved me from ritualists in Abuja – Lady

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A Nigerian lady, Ifeoma Dan Nwude has taken to social media to narrate on how her Winners Chapel hand band saved her from ritualists in Abuja.

According to the lady, who is a member of the Living Faith Church, Worldwide, overseen by Bishop David Oyedepo, she was abducted by the ritualists in Abuja and all the attempts they made to kill her, became futile.

Winners Chapel hand band saved me from ritualists in Abuja - Lady lailasnews 2
Winners Chapel hand band saved me from ritualists in Abuja – Lady

She also mentioned that she was shot at twice, strangled, stabbed with knife all over body, but it seemed there was a power making her impenetrable.

They eventually saw the Winners Chapel hand band on her wrist and made to remove it, because they thought it was the charm she had been using, but they couldn’t remove that as well.

Read her story below:

#PRAISETHELORD My name is LETURA SAAGWE and I’m privileged to serve in the Sanctuary Keeping Unit and also Crowd Control Unit.

On Monday, the 14th of January,2019 is a day I will never forget in my life and one I will forever give glory to God. After the Communion Service on Monday, a brother gave me a lift to Maitama junction where I could easily get a car to Maraba where I live. Myself and a lady whom I met standing there, boarded a vehicle and unknown to us, the four guys in the car were ritualists.

Immediately the car took off, the guy at the front seat told us that they were kidnappers and they were going to use us for sacrifice, he brought out a white substance and blew on our faces and immediately the other lady passed out, but because I am too defended to be a victim, the charm did not have effect on me, the God of Dominion neutralized it. Immediately I began to pray and declared that I have dominion and as such, I can not die.

I reminded God of the covenant I have with Him and the prophecies of His servant in the house, Pastor Chris Abraham. And while I was praying, they were busy beheading the other lady and cutting off the vital parts which they needed from her. I remember I had a mantle in my bag and as I tried to remove it they collected the bag from me.

They searched it and took my phones and ATM cards, they asked me if I had money in the cards and I said yes, they brought out POS and began to make withdrawals. After the withdrawal, the driver ordered one of them to strangle me, brethren, they did everything possible to kill me but to no avail because my God was on duty.

When they became frustrated, they brought out knives and iron and started hitting me all over, they began to stab me all over with daggers but to no avail, one of them brought out a gun and shot at me twice but like my father Pastor Chris will say, God has built around me an impenetrable wall of defence.

They started shouting and asking me where I was hiding the charm they thought I was using and one of them pointed at my dominion hand band and said that’s the charm she was using.

They began to pull the hand band but the power was too much for them, they could not remove it. Out of anger and frustration, they tore my clothes and one of them attempted to have a carnal knowledge of me but the others refused him and said that wasn’t their mission and so he left me. I was asked if I knew where I was and I said no, and they told me I was at Kaduna road and they asked if I knew my way back and I said no.

They thereby drove back all the way and dropped me off at Wuse zone 3 by the road side. I checked my bag and discovered that my tablet phone was not taken and with that I was able to make calls and that was how I was rushed to the hospital.

I have come like that one leper to return all #glory, honour and adoration to the #God of #Dominion.
#ThankyouJesus #Hallelujah
Sister Letura Saagwe
Jahi, Abuja.



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