‘Where’s this stupid girl’s mother?’ – Woman blasts Davido’s Chioma

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A Nigerian woman identified as Emil Rock on Facebook, doesn’t seem to be impressed by any of the trending affairs between Chioma and her boyfriend, Davido. The woman in a rant on the social media platform has called out Chioma’s mother – saying she is stupid.

‘Where’s this stupid girl’s mother’ - Woman blasts Davido’s Chioma lailasnews


According to her, she is so surprised that a woman would allow her daughter to frolic in public at her tender age and not with just a morally upright man, but with Davido whom she regarded as a manner-less, violent, loud mouthed, morally bankrupt boy and so undeserving of an Igbo girl like beautiful Chioma.

Her comment reads:

Where’s this stupid girl’s mother? So this your child has grown sooo big for you to be corrected & directed? What a family. So this mannerless, violent, loud mouthed, morally bankrupt boy is the best thing that can happen to your daughter? You are truly an igbo woman; ‘money covers it all’ is your sign post. May the good Lord bless your weakness & over indulgence.


Davido’s beloved girlfriend, Chioma, has been trending online for the past two days after her billionaire Singer boyfriend, Davido got her a N45million Porsche car as birthday gift.

‘Where’s this stupid girl’s mother’ - Woman blasts Davido’s Chioma lailasnews 2

The two lovebirds who are so crazy about each other, took over social media, with their public display of affection, serving everyone the couple goals with cute selfies, tongue licking, French kisses and what have you.

The super star even had a song titled Assurance and fully dedicated to Chioma. The song was released on April 30th, which coincidentally was her birthday.

However there is another rising controversy on the special car gift that has been reported to be worth N45 million, but a recent fact finding by an online medium has revealed the real worth of the Porsche cayenne to be just between N10-20 million.

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