We didn’t send delegates to COZA – CAN reportedly say

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A video had over the weekend surfaced on the internet showing some pastors who are members of CAN at the church of the embattled cleric declaring the support of the Christian body to members of the church and their senior pastor.

We didn’t send delegates to COZA – CAN reportedly say

But according to a social media report by @DANGposts, the spokesperson for CAN president, Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, revealed that CAN didn’t send a delegate to the COZA church.

The purported support was coming after CAN had said COZA and Pastor Biodun are not members of the association.

Read her report below:

I have just spoken to Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, the spokesperson for CAN president. He has said in clear terms that CAN HQ was not informed that Rev Dr. Israel Akanji and Rev Jonah Samson would visit COZA yesterday. He said “they went there on behalf of their OWN office, not on behalf of National CAN

DANG: Has COZA finally joined

CAN? Pastor Oladeji: No, that man is not a member of CAN…

DANG: Does CAN approve of this visit to COZA by its representatives when an investigation has not been carried out on Biodun Fatoyinbo?

Pastor Oladeji: At the moment PFN (Pentecostal Felllowship of Nigeria) is carrying out an investigation, because even if COZA is not a member of CAN nor PFN, it is still a church and we have an obligation to find out what is really happening.

DANG: So Pastor Rev. Samson and Rev. Dr. Israel didn’t get a sign off from CAN before they proceeded to publicly endorse a man who has been accused of rape?”

Pastor Oladeji: No, CAN didn’t sign off. But we can’t say anything about it for now until we get a report from them.

DANG: Report from who?

Pastor Oladeji: Report from the the FCT and North Central Branch. Because you know, some people have done a lot of things, CAN said ‘well done.’ While some people have done a lot of things and we said ‘You shouldn’t have done that’….”

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