Video: Woman caught on camera trying to burn neighbour’s home

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It was quite unfortunate for her she was caught by her own surveillance camera.

Video: Woman caught on camera trying to burn neighbour’s home

The woman identified as Annie Durham, gave investigators the password to her outdoor camera, so they could review the footage, ABC news reports.

The video did help them find the culprit.

Officials watched 59-year-old Durham hurl a flaming towel into the abandoned house next door.

But it didn’t end there.That same camera also showed Durham shooting into the window before throwing the burning towel.

Investigators set their sights on Durham after finding out about the feud that she had with her neighbor. The woman reportedly had an ongoing conflict with the owner of the condemned property over vagrants squatting there.

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*** There are some very sick people in this world evil is taking over and no one can stop it but Jesus we have to pray for America for the world for that matter God is the only one that can help any of us.

*** Why is their door wide open? I need the back story because they pissed granny off for a reason

*** My question is … what did her neighbor do to deserve a fire bomb thrown in their window? Ms. Jenkins dont pop off for no reason.

*** It looks like her own security camera. This has to be on World’s Dumbest!! She could have burned her own house down in the process.

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