Video of lady locking boy in dog cage – Lagos Police reacts

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Earlier today, we brought you the report of the lady after we came across the viral video showing her beating the boy mercilessly and eventually locking him in the cage.

Video of lady locking boy in dog cage – Lagos Police reacts

The actual location of the incident is not ascertained yet, but the Police in Lagos asked for information that will lead to her arrest if the crime was perpetuated within the state.

The Force wrote:

We welcome any info that can lead us to the woman. If it’s in Lagos, the Command will take necessary action. #TheGoodGuys

See the Video:

Other Nigerians reacting to the cruel video:

*** Women, why are we so wicked? A lot of us will come here to form holy but we silently watched as our mums, aunties, godmothers and neighbors did this, now we do this too? Is this okay? Where is this wickedness from? Jeez!!! This woman should be locked away for at least 7 years.

*** The person recording should be arrested too, evil prevails when Good people refuse to speak up, he would have done more speaking against it than recording the ordeal, sometimes we need to understand speaking against evil works more than just recording it.

*** Lol, if the person never recorded it, how will you have been able to foam and so be passionate to act upon it. The person has been his own part, everything is division of labour, abeg. What if that person recording also stays in the same cage occasionally?

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