The video which has garnered a lot of mixed reactions shows the lady fighting with a man she claimed touched her inappropriately while she was in the bus.

Video of lady fighting man who sexually harassed her in public bus

The man on the other hand tried to free himself from her grip, but did not utter a word as the lady accused him. This made some people be of the belief he could actually be guilty of the crime.

In the video, other passengers in the vehicle could be seen appeasing the lady, but she insisted on dragging the man out of the bus.

The driver of the vehicle eventually drove off.

An Instagram user identified as @Tolulopelonge who shared the video wrote;

The craziest thing happened today. This woman claimed the man touched her and just went berserk in the bus. Conductor and passengers had to find a way to discharge her

While reacting to the video some Nigerians claim since there was no evidence the man harassed her, then it would be hard for her to prove a case and some argued that she wouldn’t have reacted that much if nothing had happened.