US rapper Russ Millions busts Davido and the claim he sold out O2 Arena

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Davido seems to have been busted by Russ Millions after he claimed he sold out the 20k capacity O2 Arena in London where he had his concert.

Russ Millions busts Davido and the claim he sold out O2 Arena

Since last week Friday, his goons have been on social media bragging about how he sold out the arena before he held the show on Saturday. They boasted that he is the first Nigerian to do it.

However, fans of Wizkid quickly reminded them that their Starboy did it first when he held a show with AfroRepublik. They also reminded them that tickets for Wizkid’s show where already sold out months before the D-Day, whereas Davido’s own tickets were still available for sale online.

Undeterred, Davido went ahead to host the show with the place looking filled to the brim. However, it appears the O2 Arena and its 20k capacity wasn’t totally sold out.

One of those who performed on the night, Russ Millions, took to social media stating that the show had 17k attendees.

Russ Millions wrote:

“17,000 People Sold Out in The 02‼️?Big thank you to @davidoofficial for bringing me out last night ??❤️ #GunLean #RussHour”

I guess we will now have to wait for the plaque the goons of Davido promised which they say will show he truly sold out the O2 Arena in London.



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