US Rapper; Offset Reveals Cardi B Got Him An Engagement Ring Worth Over 270 Million

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Migos rapper and husband to fellow US rapper; Cardi B has disclosed news about what a lot of men around the world would find amusing. He Got An Engagement Ring worth $750,000 dollars.

A popular entertainment website revealed the engagement ring the American rapper got from his wife; Cardi B is worth the sum of two hundred and seventy million naira ($750,000 dollars) which amazed him. Offset talked about this in a video segment with HYPEBEAST as he detailed the engagement ring Cardi gave to him.

He said; “It looks like how a woman’s ring would probably look, but my wife understood how I like big stones.”

The reason Cardi could have gone all the way out to spend a fortune on such majestic piece would definitely be as a result of the love the rapper has for jewelleries. And not just ordinary jewelleries but luxury jewelleries which are heavily coated with diamond studs.

Watch video below:

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