“Upcoming Singer, Marshall Ratti Cries Out” – ‘My Mental Health Is Affected, I’m Sorry For Lying That I’m Not Papito’ (Photos)

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Upcoming singer, Marshall Ratti, in a new video has lamented about the insults he has been receiving online while acknowledging that he is Papito, the man being flaunted online by crossdresser, James Brown.

Recall that on several occasions, James Brown flaunted a masked man whom he named Papito as his billionaire lover.

It didn’t take long for netizens to identify the face behind the mask and subsequently fingered Marshall Ratti.

Marshall on his part denied being Papito which caused more video evidence to show up.

However, in a recent development, the singer has apologized for initially lying while disclosing that his mental health is greatly affected due to the backlashes and hate comments directed at him.

According to him, he just to do what he knows best and that’s making music.


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