TVC’s Morayo tearfully apologizes to husband on air

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TVC’s Morayo Akabashorun tearfully apologized to husband on air during the Your Viewprogram, while also clarifying her controversial statement.

TVC's Morayo tearfully apologizes to husband on air lailasnews

TVC presenter, Morayo and her other colleagues were having a discussion on rape viz-a-viz the relationship between father and daughter and if boundaries should be set in this kind of relationship.

“I actually trust my husband but I’m just being careful because people that have experienced this kind of situation, also trusted their husbands and yet, it happened”,she said.

Her statement went viral and led to a debate. Some criticized her saying she has indirectly disrespected her husband and called him a paedophile.

Morayo yesterday responded to set things straight, she said:

My husband is not a pedophile, he’s a highly responsible, decent man. He can never do anything to hurt any of his children.

Psychology has told us to teach children to respect their personal spaces and ensure that family members don’t come too close.

We need to define what is too close as a child.

So, I’m glad the conversation has started, I’m glad we’re talking about it. Let us understand that these are real life issues that are happening.

She has gone another step further as she went on her to apologize to her husband. It was a very emotional apology as she was in tears.

TVC made this known in a Tweet on their official page. The Tweet read;

The last 24 hours have been tougher than I expected, my sincere apologies to my husband, I love, trust and respect you! It was an error and I’m really sorry! ~ @moakabash apologises to her husband on

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