Troops repel Boko Haram attack in Yobe

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Troops repel Boko Haram attack in Yobe

He said causality figure from both sides is still unknown but the military had destroyed and recovered some items from the insurgents.

“But the terrorists have engaged our men for over two hours before being overpowered by our gallant soldiers,” he said.

He said that after the attack was successfully repelled, 5 gun trucks of the Boko Haram were destroyed.

“01 x VBL, 01 x GPMG, 01 x Browning Machine Gun and about 15 AK47 rifles were captured by the SF (military’s Special Forces),” he said.

A resident in the town, who doesn’t want to be named, said no civilians or their property was attacked by the Boko Haram insurgents.

“They came in a fleet of gun trucks headed directly to the military base but the soldiers resisted the attack and forced them to flee,” he added.

The attack is one of the several attacks launched against the Goniri military base by the insurgents but was repelled consistently by the military.

Meanwhile, in continuation of its sustained airstrikes against terrorists’ targets in Borno state, the Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation Lafiya Dole severely degraded another Boko Haram terrorists hideout in the Sambisa forest on Monday, June 17.

“The ATF dispatched an Alpha Jet to attack the location. Its bombs hit the target area, with devastating effects on several of the camouflaged structures, neutralizing their Boko Haram terrorists’ occupants,” a statement from the Nigerian Air Force revealed.

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