Tosyn Bucknor: How Church choir song relieved her sister of the loss

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Funke Bucknor has revealed how a church service relieved her of the pain and sorrow she’s been nursing since the death of her sister OAP Tosyn Bucknor.

Tosyn Bucknor: How Church choir song relieved her sister of the loss

Tosyn Bucknor died of sickle cell complications and was found dead at home by her husband, Aurelien Boyer, a French national.

According to Funke who stepped into Church for the first time since her sister’s death, the music from the choir was as if it was made for her.

Funke Bucknor shared on Instagram:

“You know how sometimes people say that a sermon or music was just for them when they went to church ?

That happened to me today with a song by our choir ( the sounds of heaven and the psalmist ) at @myjoshuaville
Ever since my sister died I hadn’t been able to go to church . Yes I attended meetings etc but I just couldn’t or didn’t see myself being in a service .
I was angry and hurt and just still couldn’t understand why she had to die or why this happened to my family . I generally don’t like dealing with emotions and I tend to just push them aside or away . I did this when my dad died as I didn’t cry till Tosyn’s death .
With Tosyn the emotions are totally different and I wanted to lash out at God. Infact I’ve had many conversations with Him on why He let it happen . Those answers haven’t come oh but the song about trusting Him in church today really helped and will help towards the healing process .
This is for anyone going through any form of grief ( you lost a friend , sibling , parent or child or relation). It’s ok to be angry
It’s ok to be hurt
It’s ok to be in denial
It’s ok to be upset
It’s ok to feel guilty
It’s ok to feel pain
It’s ok ……………..
But don’t stop trusting in God
But don’t stop talking about your pain
But don’t stop living ……………………..
We will get healing
We will still feel the pain but it gets numb with time
We will still talk about what we miss about them .
We will be ok ……..
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