Things to do during Quaratine

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We are living in a completely new reality. This is not something we would have been thinking about a month or two ago. The spring should have been one of the most active seasons of the year. While it is getting warmer and the sun is shining it is a perfect moment to start living to the fullest and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

Though, not everything happens as we would like to. Sometimes, the reality is more like a movie and the movie seems to be more real than the reality itself. The overall COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way we live our lives in a matter of months. Despite the fact that all borders are closed and the whole world is self-isolated or in quarantine, we do not have any boundaries as people all over the world are having the same unfortunate experience.

The novel virus, that has been discovered in China, back on the 31st of December, has now spread all over the world and has left a severe footprint on over one million people and hundreds of companies and businesses. The virus is highly contagious and thus, the authorities, and local government encourage all people to stay home and proceed to work from home or just be at home safe and sound. While most of the non-essential businesses all over the world have been shut down, people are practicing social distancing in the streets, shops, and pharmacies.

There is not a single country left without the COVID-19 crisis. While some of the countries like Sweden have more or less mild regimes, countries like Nigeria have quite a severe and controlled quarantine and even curfew, which was introduced to the community last week. Thus, people in Nigeria have only limited hours to go out, other than that Nigerians should be staying home.


While all of the social gathering spots have been shut down, including pubs, bars, restaurants, and even casinos, there is still a valid hope to experience all of the fun online. Entertaining yourself even during the quarantine is very important in order to stay sane and find the strength to overcome the crisis. The land-based industries are struggling to come back, but the online industries are flourishing.

One of the major online industries that is having its moment right now is the online gambling industry. People are no longer able to visit brick and mortar casinos, though the alternative is the online casino games, which can offer the same and even better experience of playing in the casinos, with a variety of different games, such as slots, live casinos, and table games. More and more people are visiting the online casinos on a daily basis, and while the quarantine is on the active mode, the number is expected to increase even more.

Netflix and Chill

How many times have you wanted just to lay in your bed chill and watch a good movie? Probably every day of the week especially while being at work. Now, you have that opportunity for an uncertain amount of days. And believe me or not, if you do not use this opportunity now, there will be the moment when you will regret it.

In order to make the days pass faster and also spend some quality time just make a list of the must-watch movies and there you go. Grab the popcorn and make it work. If the titles of the movies do not cross your mind, let me help you and give some ideas.

The titles of the must-watch Nollywood movies are the following. “Isoken”, is the classic interracial romance, which is considered to be the example of the finest performance and to be one of the most chill movies. “Phone Swap” is the great romantic comedy movie, which will definitely bring you into the good mode, and will make you laugh really hard, which is essential for relieving your stress.

If you are into darker humor, there is the movie for you as well. “Taxi Driver” is a dark comedy. The storyline follows the naive young man who moves to Lagos in order to continue his late father’s taxi service business. The movie is exciting and has endearing qualities as well.

If you are more into thrillers, then perhaps you should check out the movie “October !”. This is a psychological thriller and is considered to be Kunle Afolayan’s best movie. The movies are about a police officer who attempts to unravel the mysterious murder of young women.

And if you really want to see another movie about the virus, then go for “93 Days”. The movie is about the Ebola outbreak, which the world witnessed in 2014 and is named as one of the deadliest viruses in the world. Perhaps at this moment, you will realize that our reality now could have been a lot worse.


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