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Ten (10) Best Countries for Nigerian Students to Study Abroad

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Studying your dream course is beautiful, and getting an international degree can take you a long way in your career.

Are you a Nigerian student who wants to study abroad? If yes, this article is for you.

However, choosing which country to study in and which institution to gain admission into can be overwhelming for any Nigerian student.

That is especially true when your options for studying abroad are more than plenty. And when you have less information about the country and the institution you want to attend.

So, in this article, I will walk you through the top 10 best countries for Nigerian students to study abroad.

By the end of this article, you will know the best country to choose and study your dream course.

Top 10 Best Countries For Nigerian Students To Study Abroad

1. Canada

Canada is one of the best countries Nigerian students can study. It has a great income and good quality of life.

Moreso, Canadians are generally known to be immigration friendly. This country has a relatively easy admission process.

Nigerian students in Canada have access to financial support such as scholarships and other financial grants.

The Canadian educational system and the American educational system are similar, and the chances of getting employment and permanent residence after graduation are high.

2. United States of America (USA)

The United States of America is a citadel of freedom for people all over the world.

The USA offers the best in education, and the American government is supportive of international students.

American education is known worldwide to have the mark of excellence that many people crave.

The United States is also an undisputed leader in many fields.

If anyone wishes to have a World-Class education, the United States of America is the best way to go.

3. The United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study abroad as a Nigerian student.

The contribution of the United Kingdom to the advancement of education is worthy of recognition.

They remain consistent in improving their knowledge and research extensively that every Nigerian student should aspire to study there.

Being a member of the Common Wealth offers a unique advantage for Nigerian students to get scholarships and financial aid.

Studying in the United Kingdom is one experience you would most like to cherish as a Nigerian student.

British educational standard remains a  benchmark for many other countries.

4. Malaysia

This country has one of the best economies in Asia.

Malaysia is one country whose educational system is comparable to others in Europe and America.

What makes many Nigerians flock to Malaysia is the low cost of study. That is an advantage for some Nigerian students who find the costs of studying abroad quite burdensome.

5. Ghana

Surprisingly, Ghanaians have improved their educational system so much that an educational experience in Ghana is comparable to places such as the United Kingdom.

As an ECOWAS member country, Ghana is an open opportunity for Nigerian students to study without a student visa.

Ghana also uses the West African Senior School Examinations Council (WASSCE) as the basis for admission.

Ghanaian Universities are very active in research and development. Their research material is presumed to be part of those of advanced countries worldwide.

6. The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is not just a country where people flock for tourism and business alone.

Nigerians in specific go to the country to get a sound and quality education.

Getting an education from the UAE as a Nigerian student is quite easy and the cost is less than that of America or Europe.

Many institutions in America and Europe have a campus or two within the UAE.

7. China

China is the second-largest economy in the world. The country offers unique study opportunities that many Nigerians can take advantage of.

Graduates of China’s educational system are well-equipped to thrive in virtually every sector of the economy.

China has so many institutions that Students from Nigeria can choose from.

8. Russia

Russia is also a great place where many Nigerians study since the eighties. She is unique when it comes to education.

They have Federal Universities where you can study almost any course.

The Russian government is also known to give scholarships to students of any nationality.

Her contribution, especially to science and technology remains highly competitive and commendable.

Russia is great for a Nigerian student who dreams of world-class academic success.

9. Turkey

Many Turkish institutions come to Nigeria to look for students interested in coming to their country to study.

Turkish education is excellent!

Turkey is a country with a large economic and manufacturing base. It offers Nigerian students a unique experience.

10. South Africa

South Africa is Africa’s most industrialized economy and rich nation. Even in recent times, South Africa offers Nigerians one of the best opportunities to study abroad.

With deep ties between Nigeria and South Africa, obtaining Visa is most times, hassle-free.

South Africa’s quality of education can be compared to that of the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

I hope you find this article helpful and help you make a better decision in your academic career. Remember to share the article with your friends.



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