Teenage girl recounts how she told her mum she was pregnant at 17

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Girl recounts how she told her mum she was pregnant at the age of 17.

A girl on social media user; Khiandra Vaughn took to her page to share how she had to reveal to her mother she was pregnant as a 17 year old teenager.

She wrote;

How I told my mom’s I was pregnant ??: a thread.

.. I was going to wait until I was 9 months.

… when I took the pregnancy test I held it up to the light like it was a fake twenty

… me, pregnant? … tuh

…I was never on any type of birth control because I believed God had me.

… HAD me a kid

… my mom always threatened me like… if I ever got pregnant she was going to knock me into next week. & I needed my check bc I spent all my money on pregnancy tests so uh .. you think you can do me that favor

… I instantly decided to do it over text so the police could have evidence.

Me: hey mom ?
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… so I called her. (Mind you she’s at work)

She answers in her white woman voice like “hello?… This is she…”
GIRL… put my momma on the phone ?

I chicken out and I’m like .. nothing I love you bye

… so I go in my granny room , and I’m like granny I got to tell you something

… she like what. I’m like you gone get mad ?she like WHAT KHIANDRA ?

So we staring at eachother like

… so I’m like I got a baby. She like where … ?I’m like in my stomach? .. she like where it’s gone stay? ?


So I run back to my room … like yk that didn’t go so bad so I’m waiting for my mom to come home from work

But I’m also waiting for my period

… so my mom finally comes home and I don’t even have the same energy anymore

The whole atmosphere changed . All peace was sucked away.

… she like khiandra what you wanted?

I’m like eh he… NOTHING.

But like… she can see in my face I was lying so she like … what you had to tell me khiandra

Y’all… so we just staring at eachother . Y’all know that scene from precious when they was on the stairs ?IM THEY

So tell me why I threw the pregnancy test down da stairs like a bomb..

But it ain’t go down all the way so I had to run down & throw it again

… tell me why SHE GONE SAY , is this a prank

Like yes mom this is a prank welcome back to my YouTube channel ! Smash that like button if I got her ?????

… so I’m like no mam… please don’t tell my dad!!!

Why tf my granny come out the bathroom Otp wit him

So my mom completely flashes… I run in my room packing my shit! HERE I COME MARY J BLIGE

… first of all, mom this pregnancy test was the only test I passed all year why you so mad?

so I’m packing & shit … rubbing my belly like “baby you ain’t gotta worry about nun” … mfer ain even got ears yet

My mom walk in the room…

She hugs me & says she loves me and we gone get through this… ?like dang you could’ve said that from the start

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