Tea Can Kill Your s3x Life

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Tea Can Kill Your s3x Life

Apart from the weight of his bank account, a man’s ability to get it up and satisfy his woman in bed is one of the important things that make a man worthy of his $3x.

A man with weak libido or weak erection can’t be a happy man; just as his partner is likely to keep wondering what the problems are.

Yet, physicians warn that the choice of tea that a man drinks might influence his performance in the bedroom!
The average person loves to drink tea, especially as a part of breakfast meal any day.

Nutritionists say tea is good, and there is no time of the day that it can’t be taken. However, $ex experts warn that certain teas are not recommended for men, because such teas can kill and bury a man’s ability to have erection and satisfy a woman $3xually.

One of such teas is the licorice tea. According to researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Centre, it is best to seek pre-approval from your doctor before you embark on drinking this particular tea!

They warn that if you eat a few pieces of black licorice, it won’t hurt your $ex drive. However, eating a lot of it could. And how do you determine the quantity when you gulp it down as tea?

The scientists warn that consuming licorice can result in hormonal changes, including a reduced libido in both men and women.

Like licorice, like mint tea
Another tea that can also wreak havoc on libido is mint tea. Just like the licorice tea, mint tea can be bad for the libido as well, experts warn.

“Mints and mint oils are flavoured with menthol, which can reduce testosterone,” an expert warns.
And, you’d better believe this, there are teas that combine these two elements. It’s called Mint Licorice Tea!

The bottom line:When next you go shopping for tea, watch out!
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