The students identified as Italian nationals; 25-year-old Ferdinando Orlando and 26-year-old Lorenzo Costanzo reportedly raped the woman in the maintenance room of the Toy Room club on Argyll Street in London on February 26, 2017 after which they celebrated the attack with a high-five and hug.

Students caught on camera celebrating after raping woman in nightclub jailed

The nightclub CCTV footage from the night of the attack according to the Police, showed the convicts each kissing and dancing with the victim who was visibly drunk and unsteady on her feet, in just eight minutes after their first interaction, they led her into the maintenance room where there were no cameras and raped her. They re-arranged her cloth before leading her to the female toilet where they abandoned her.

The CCTV however captured the two men when they ran outside shortly after and high-fived each other before watching the footage of the attack on a mobile phone which they showed to another person.

Their victim who couldn’t recall what happened said “When I found out more than one man was involved I felt violently ill with the thought that two men did something this horrible … to me.”

After discovering her attackers had filmed the rape, she said she felt “so angry” it “made me want to vomit”.

She added: “I truly struggle with how two humans could behave like such animals to another person and think of that as funny and like a badge of honour.

“I did not consent to having sex with either or both of these people that night or at any other time.”

The students were found guilty of two counts of rape each were handed a seven-and-a-half years in prison sentence each at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday November 22.

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