Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin, has taken to her Instagram page to narrate on how a total stranger has offered to help resettle her househelp outside of the country.

A stranger offers to take my househelp out of the country - Lizzy Anjorin lailasnews


The househelp identified as Arike, had at a time been body-shamed by a user on Instagram who claimed she was ugly. This actually aggravated the actress who took time to clap back at the hater.

According to Lizzy Anjorin, the stranger met her at a party and offered to assist Arike

A stranger offers to take my househelp out of the country - Lizzy Anjorin lailasnews

Here’s what she wrote;

Met one babe at a party two weeks ago we exchanged numba. She called me yesterday evening and told me shocking story of my life. She said “Aunty, do you know why I love you?” Few weeks ago, one nasty girl abused you and Toyin.


You took it upon yourself because I expect people that are closer to Aunty Toyin to have stood for her despite the fact that you guys don’t mingle together. I saw the story you wrote for Toyin and I followed you on IG, the next thing I saw was you fighting someone that called Arike ugly.”

Of which she called me last week Saturday. she said. Aunty I feel like putting smiles on your face, Ma. Can I do it for your daughter or Arike”. I said do it for Arike and she replied me. “Me and my sister want her to pick any two country of her dream. I will pay for everything. ?.

I thought she was joking. I remembered one woman was with me that that day. She said why not give your daughter? What if Arike left you and run away. I said, God will take care of my own.

Arike will not serve me for life and she’s loyal. Lots of strangers that I’ve picked on the street, many friends that I have helped despite I don’t fucking know them when I have no roof over my head. I don’t care if they are low class to me because of the fear of God, I love and help them at the end of the day. What they are good at is to go around and call your helpers and destroy you mercilessly.

Forgotten you gave them what their families can never afford them at that moment. Despite the fact that, you are giving them your sweat, they will never appreciate sha ni. The woman said I love your spirit. I said, thank you, Ma. Arike walked in and I told her a fan want to send her to two countries of her choice. she was pushing nose ni sha. I just gave her the babe number to call her.


Still non of us believed the stuff because those that are richer will be telling me Lizzy I can’t give you things. How can I pour pure water inside ocean? Lenu awon agbalagba fa???

Now, I just got a call from Arike with tears saying her visa and tickets have just been sent to her. Arike your loyalty is paying you..




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