STORY: My One Chance FVckscapede (18+)… Part/Episode 1 to 8

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A Story written by Therock5555…

STORY: My One Chance FVckscapede (18+)… Part/Episode 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to 8

Hello folks, I just felt like dropping this short piece for una, I’m still warming up to hit NL hard so make una just dey watch my profile. Gracias…. This is just a short tale, if the responses are good, I’ll drop another short tale when I’m free. Please this is not your all so straight forward fucck story, so please just manage the build up to your climax, you won’t regret it.
Now when folks hear the word “one chance” the first thing that hits the mind are robbers or ritualists and the ideal location is Lagos but I’m sorry to bring you folks back to base, my own tale happened in a boisterous town in Nasarawa state and it didn’t involve a vehicle but I surely rode something big that day, so grab a seat and enjoy the ride.
It began one fateful morning, the previous week I had seen my name on the admission list to the schothe applied into or would I say my dad forced me to apply into when a Custom officer convinced him that the school was better than what I initially wanted to apply for, I strangled the man in my dream that night.
I must have been the most saddest person that day when I saw my name as number four on the list, while people were screaming in joy, some calling their loved ones to appraise them on the development at hand, my hands were on my head. I was thinking of how I would begin to run round school for lectures, how I would leave my high earning job for a certificate that would still require me to look for a job again. I was disrupt to say the truth. To worsen it all, I was given a different course from that which I applied for in my mind I was like ‘this serves my dad right, shey he wants me to be a doctor, yeah I guess I was a geographical doctor that mbelong
That morning I arrived school with a loaded pocket and topped up bank account to enable me register everything I needed, a notice was placed aside the admission list that the new students should come that morning to collect their tellers to pay the tuition fees in the bank, I thought of that as a foolish idea, why we hadn’t gone direct to the bank, collect a teller there and pay with the teller besieged me.
I was pretty lazy waking up that day, I took enough time to dress up and refused taking bike, I was busy strolling like boss, my #1005 blings were shinning in the dull riding sun, I was feeling like ‘omo alhaji’ but when I saw the line up of students that filled the back side of the admin block were the tellers were given, I went dumbstruck. Even Buhari’s rally got nothing on the number of folks I saw that morning. Some people were there as early as 3am. I was like ‘which kin rubbish lines be this Na, Na them be the first set to get admission for higher institution ‘ the pushing going around no be here o, I couldn’t differentiate boys from girls, it was battle of the fittest, I wanted to go back home but when I realized that the collection of teller would be closed the next day for the year one students I respected myself. I ran upstairs to a lecturers office so as to plead for assistance but the woman was obviously in a foul mood, she told me to join my mates and leave her office, she claimed I was now a student so I better learn to fight for myself.
When went back outside, the crowd had tripled and more were thronging in, I was like ‘ if school dey like this, how bank wan dey?’ I curse the man that deceived my father as I tried to join the line, about six guys rushed me saying that they were behind the person that I was standing behind, tears filled my eyes. I was so mad but I had no choice but endure under the tipid wicked sun that felt like scaling my skin while the useless boys stood under a tree, since I had nobody to cover for me, I beared my pain and comforted myself with my comforter. My ear phones.


“She walked in front of me and slid in”
“Jesus, I was super stunned, as in, I had to remove my ear phones in surprise for two reasons”
1. She had the biggest yansh I ever saw physically, this one no be video vixen shiit, how God could dash one person that Buttocks wowed me, that was not her only selling point, she had cute moderate Bosom and a very fine face, as in finnnneee face. Her black Jean held her Buttocks in place like a jealous boyfriend that won’t let go, I wondered how the trouser manage to accommodate her large hips without tearing to shreds, she added a pink top that did her curves justice. It had a V neck so her Bosom were in fresh view too. Her make up were just perfect, it seem like she spent half of her lifetime preparing for this occasion.” Okay that’s enough.
2. Her courage stunned me, I was bleeping sure she was not in the line at all, so what gave her the gust to overtake the heavy line of students and walk to the front-my front for that matter, I wasn’t gonna take that shiit neither were the boys that had been waiting for hours on end because they had began ranting seriously, the ones with craze for head were already coming forward to tear her off. I guess the stress and struggles had robbed them of their morality, nobody was in the mood for big yansh, Kim Kardashian would have walked by, Cherokee D’Buttocks would have tweaked Unclad and no guy there for give a fucck. I would have Sha
“Guy you dey mad, why you go allow that girl enter your front, if you no wan collect teller comot dey go your father house Na” a boy cursed from behind, I figured out later that they had been screaming at her before she joined the line but I was too far gone in my Lil Wayne Carter 4 album that I did not hear them, the girl also paid no heed to their words, she was so confident as she joined the line, if I heard people shouting while she was coming, I would have blocked her off. I was so pretty pissed up but I noticed her uptight Buttocks as she joined the line but that was the least of my problem that moment, I was ready to scream, fight, kill that moment.
“Guy push that girl comot for that line or I go drag you comot o” another guy warned as barrages of insults flew towards me.
“Guys why una dey shout Na, I came together with my boyfriend, I just went home because my dad fainted” she said calmly with the best approach to pidgin English with a Queens English tone.
“Boyfriend? Where him dey?” One enraged boy screamed.
Everyone including myself turned around to find the imaginary boyfriend and then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I froze. “Blood of Zachariah, it wasn’t me, shiit it was me, I was her boyfriend” I turned back in horror and stared at her face, that beautiful face that could melt even rock, for where, my heart was not in molten magma state that moment, I was just recovering from a serious relationship breakdown that haunted me and pushed me into a self maligned celibacy program, I promised myself to go celibate for two years to punish myself for destroying a girl’s life, she committed suicide and survived barely because of how I shattered her heart, I was in love again (check the preacher’s son story in my profile to read my first love story) and I did not realize it until it was too late. I was ready to punish myself for my sins so it could have taken more than a hand on my shoulder and a cute face to melt me.
I shook her hand of my shoulder, she put it back.
“Guys Na….”
“Bros please Na, I don’t wanna go back, please help me” she whispered softly into my ears.
“Guys Na true, Na my babe” I didn’t know why I had a change of heart though, “her popsy no well, make una no vex abeg” I completed. That shut all of them mouth, some grumbled in their stomachs though, maybe out of jealousy than anger, they will be like “how this guy take get this kin hot babe Na?” I wasn’t amused either as I plugged back my ear phones, she removed one ear piece and whispered a thank you to my ear, her lips brushed my cheek lightly, I didn’t know if it was intentional so I remained quiet.

Two more boys, and her and I was supposed to be next when my village people struck, the teller ran out in my line. The man giving the teller asked my line to join the other line, my eyes watered as I realized the motion where I’ll go start a line from back again. I contemplated going home when another window open, a man put his head out and spoke.
“I have about thirty tellers here so some students should come here”
It sounded in our eyes like “Dasuki wan share the money wey him loot and he want thirty people to come help am chop am” the race was for only the fast and furious, Vin Diesel would have looked like a learner when he saw guys stunting on themselves, girls with Bruce Lee structures joined the fight to, breasts were pressed without comments or complaints, yansh were squeezed, but the best part was that nobody bleeping cared, the struggle was real, it was either you join the long remaining line or struggle for this one chance offer, I felt like sardine in a tin can as I made it, one rubber bud of ear piece got lost in the ensuing saga, I was glad at least that I was number twelve on the line, then the devil struck again.
“Bros shift small make I enter, please” she stood shinning that her s*xy** pure cut dentition. I stared at her wickedly hoping she saw the veins on my forehead and flinch but she kept on smiling and begging, I wondered which part of her body would fit into the non existent space, her straight nose or her thumb finger.
“Babe no space abeg” I whispered harshly, the line was even choking my voice.
“Please try Na, please just help me” she cried almost in tears. Okay she got my weakness there, with all of my strength I pushed backwards for her to squeeze in, I wondered how she managed that feat and was still breathing.
The line was super tight and competitive, it was for the strong alone, if anyone fell of the line would tightly close back like you didn’t exist and no manner of begging would aid you to get back in except you were Superman.
It began lightly, I was thinking about it, my mind was trying to blank off the tightness around me so I didn’t take the light shifting of her Buttocks to my crotch, it felt like she was adjusting but it felt like it was a tailored effort, someone adjusting would thrust back and forth and remain calm but she would roll her Buttocks around my dicck area like she was looking for something then stop like she was been watched, then continue three seconds later. I waived it off like nothing but the moment I allowed my mind to think of a possibility that she was flirting with me, my six months starved dicck went into self control auto pilot, shiiit it was building steam and straining against my boxer to find a comfortable place to nest. Nothing I didn’t think of to quieten the monster, from Obasanjo’s ugly face to the Jos riots, to all the dead bodies I’ve seen or when Manchester United lost the title to Manchester City on the last day of the premier league but my dicck was adamant, it promised to disgrace me that day for starving it for six months, muthafvcking dicck didn’t know I still had eighteen months of punishment for it, it just stood there defying gravity, it had jerked my boxers to one side and was declaring it’s intentions to gain independence from my Jeans that held it in place.

She felt it willingly, the next time she pressed backwards, she positioned her Buttocks crack between my legs and stab herself backwards, I nearly cried out as my dickk almost felt like breaking into two, she continued her wicked tease and I was too ashamed or scared to speak about it. Finally it got to her turn, the line was now free but she still remained glued to me. I was going hysterical.
“How would you hide that when I leave the line?” She whispered as she collected her teller.
My eyes widened in shock, that was true, I was next and I had a tent in my trousers, I quickly put my hand in my pocket and tried to grab the stubborn snake but it was there forming Jet Li stunts, I finally grabbed it and push it in pains into one leg of my trousers, if you looked at me closely you would realise one of my leg was fatter than the other. She grinned when she didn’t feel my dicck behind her again and collected her teller, she thanked me and walked off.
I rushed forward towards the window to cover myself cause it was still obvious if you really looked at me.
“Guy shift back” the man ordered.
“Sir I’m okay like this” I barely whispered back.
“Chai, guy just stay there” he said when he noticed my problem, he was laughing hard and telling a female colleague in his office about it, the useless woman came to the window, looked at me and joined in the laughter, I was now a comedian that made people laugh without saying a word. “Guy the babe carry package Sha, no be your fault, how wish I was in your shoe” he consoled as he wrote some information on the teller and then in a book before giving the teller to me.
I began walking away like a three legged man, trying to accommodate my extra leg wasn’t easy, as I cursed and turn the corner I almost bump into her. That wicked smile of hers was still painted on her lips like a mannequin.
“E still never sleep back?” She asked laughing.
“That’s not funny” I replied feeling mad at everything in the world.
“Eh, well thanks for everything, I wouldn’t have collected this teller without your help, at least come to my house lemme cook for you Na” she teased. That moment I realized that I was super hungry.
“Where’s your house?”
“Just across the road from the school gate” she said still eyeing my raging member.
I nodded and pocketed my hands as we walked together, she was talking about herself but I was too pissed off to care, I just nodded intermittently time to time and kept walking. Her room was everything a girl would dream of, from the coarse rug carpet to the highly decorated room with flat screen television and satellite dish, her big king size bed stood on four bed post, an AC hung on the wall, it was a self contain flat, her kitchen and bathroom were at adjacent angles at both side of the room, everything read ‘runs girl’ to me.
“Welcome to my humble abode, sorry if it’s not up to your taste, I’m still buying things” she said and stripped of her tank top, my jaw dropped, if after all the appliances i saw and she was still claiming she hadn’t finished buying things yet, then I wondered what remained, maybe a car or private jet.
“Your house is okay joor” I said trying as much as possible not to look at her because it seemed like my eyes and dicck had reached an agreement to frustrate my life. My dickk was daring me to try it so that it could raise up its ugly head once more. I moved to her books and slipped off her magazines to view.
Ten minutes later, a steaming plate of rice was staring at me, I dug into it carelessly even before she brought water and a pack of Hollandia yoghurt, she finally took of her Jean after a few struggle, with just a tiny pant she stood before me, I couldn’t even swallow my food again.
“It’s my room and I needed to bath, and since you were eating I couldn’t send you out, so I hope you are not scared” she explained when I kept staring like I asked her to explain. I swallowed hard as my eyes followed her to the bathroom door, she threw her panties and bra out when she stepped in. My dicck went into psycho frenzy mood, it was throbbing hard, every moment the shower stirred, it reacted. I could barely eat again as I lost appetite for one food and hungered for another.
She came out of the bathroom with a large white towel around her chest then let it drop when backing me, she opened her back and was searching for a piece of cloth. Gaaaawwwwdddd, I was so mesmerized, she turned in time to catch me staring stupidly, I was embarrassed as I tried turning away but my head was already in the same gang with my eyes and dickk and they warned my neck to remain in place as my brain soaked in every information it saw.
She finally took out another blue pant and put on, then grabbed a white short nightie to wear, she didn’t wear a bra. My eyes followed as she walked into the kitchen and came back with a spoon.
“Seems like you suddenly lost your appetite? Lemme join you jare” she said laughing as she dug into my food. I muttered to myself and kept eating slowly, my eyes flirting to her chest time to time trying to catch sight of one Tips or so.
“Finish and go and bath o” she urged me, “I’m sure you have sweat tire”
“Uh?” I answered, my mind was elsewhere as I struggled to hide my raging member, I told her I was gonna bath when I got home but she was adamant and called me a weakling, I got up, turned my back to her and stripped off, leaving my boxer on I walked to the bathroom, her soap perfume still lingered heavily as I took a sharp breath and took off my boxer, my hard dickk was still solidly erect like I was a victim of Viagra poisoning, I was tempted to masturbate there but I rubbished the idea and jumped into the shower, as the water touch my body I was so glad that she forced me to bath.

When I was through I noticed my d!ckk was still arching itself badly, I shrieked as I struggled to accommodate it in my boxers but it still left a huge tent in there, I took a deep breath and walked into the room. She was watching a romantic movie on cable, as I entered she turn to look at me and grinned widely.
“Nawao, you dey vex o, don’t tell me I caused that right from school” she teased.
“Where’s my cloth?” I ignored her teasing.
“Your shirt is drying, it was smelling with sweat so I washed it for you, it would soon dry”
“You washed gini?” I almost got angry again but quickly calmed down again. “My trousers?”
“Oh that, you would have to remove your boxer to get it, I wanna see what is inside there”
“Na same thing your boyfriend get” I wasn’t smiling again.
“But my boyfriend’s own does not stay long like this joor, Bros stop forming like say you be priest jare” she said and got up towards me.
I thought about my celibacy program, I was betraying the memories of my ex again despite cheating on her even with her best friend, I felt guilty but when two cold hands pulled down my boxer, I gave into the temptation and closed my eyes as her fingers wrapped round my shaft, she stroked the full length slowly and inhaled the aroma of her soap before slowly wrapping her luscious lips round my d!ckk head. I gasped as shock waves circulated my body, that was the best feeling in the world that moment. Those six months fell before my eyes, all my guilts were swept under a carpet as her warm mouth did justice to my dickk.
I cummed straight into her mouth without warning, it was a little too late for her as she gagged when huge non stopping six month worth of Pour bustled down her throat, before she could pull out, I was already quivering in after pleasure, she quickly dashed into the bathroom to spit whatever she could out. I was so ashamed of myself , not because I cummed in her mouth but because i barely reached thirty seconds.
Chaiiiiii I don turn one minute man oooo.

I stood waiting like a child that was caught stealing meat and was awaiting his dad that went to fetch his cane, I was distraught to say the truth, even when I’m dreaming I’ve never cummed in thirty seconds. If that I located that village witch working against my destiny, I would have used her for jungle justice even though I’m against that act. It felt like my life flash before me as I once again allowed my dicck to control my brain. I stared down to look at the naughty thing.
“Chiiisssssooooossss” I screamed when I looked down. Nooooooo, that couldn’t be the d!ckk that was raging like a mad bull for more than a hour, that could not be what just disgraced me, I had to raise it up to confirm the fact that the girl didn’t swallow it with my Pour, luckily the head was still intact but the body was no where to be found. The stupid dicck had shrinked to the barest minimum, my dickk and that of a three year old child wasn’t any different, it was sleeping like an innocent baby, I quickly scanned the ground to see if part of it cut and fell on the ground. Which kin low self esteem was that, it was baffling to me, abi this girl Na winch, nahhh God pass her. I was brought back to reality when the toilet was flushed and she came out brooding.
“You lost your voice when you wanted to release?” She snorted at me.
I just folded my arms around my chest, my head down, my dickk looking like a crayon, suddenly even to say sorry developed wings out of my mouth, I couldn’t even say shiit. She went into a rage and threw my boxer at me, I caught it gratefully and wore it, then continued standing there like I was expecting her to punish me. After like a minute she turned and screamed again.
“Should I beg you to leave my house before you get out? I thought you were man enough, but now I know you are those kind of guys that carry big package for nothing, abeg get out jare”
I shuddered at her words as I scanned round the room searching for my trousers, in her anger she was oblivious of the fact that she hid my trousers, I sighted it behind her window curtain so I made to go get it when I stopped and burst into laughter, she stared at me so hard that she thought I had finally gone nuts, of course i had, you know that kind of thought that pour into your head in an awkward situation and you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at least forgetting your sorrows for awhile.
“What’s funny?” She spitted.
“Remember you washed my shirt, maybe you could borrow me your bra and blouse let me use to reach house” I said still laughing.
She tried to scrowl at me, then she smiled as my words hit home before she bursted out laughing too. “Maybe I’ll add my weavon for you to and lipstick” she added.
“Maybe, your heels too” I was relishing the moment.
We laughed together like a newly wedded couple then as soon as the laughter ended, we both frown again but at least I was in a calmer mood.
“Baby I’m sorry, I guess I was already yearning for climax even before you began, please don’t be mad at me” I pleaded.
“You would atleast have told me joor, it’s my first time swallowing it and it was not cool of you at all, it’s alright, just wait for your cloth to dry and then you could leave.”
“So won’t you allow me to make amends?”
“See guy don’t provoke me, if not you would go home with a wet shirt immediately.”
“Okay, aunty, don’t vex Biko, I’ll respect myself please till the shirt dry” I concluded and slided to the other side of the bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed and kept watching the on going movie, I must have dozed off as I lay on the bed because when I opened my eyes some minutes later, she was also lying down at the other side, her eyes were closed, her night gown opened, her Bosom were heaving slowly, up and down, her left hand was near her mouth as she sucked on her thumb, I followed her right hand down to her lap, she was holding the TV remote and from where I lay I could see the remote moving in circles.

She must have been Hot as hell and thought I had slept off so she decided to please herself instead, why she rejected my offer earlier baffled me, maybe she thought I was an amateur and could bite her clit off. A hush moan escaped her lips, an idea entered my mind. Slowly I rolled off the bed, trying as much as possible not to startle her. I hit the ground with a low thud, I laid still, another moan escaped her lips, phew, she hadn’t realize yet.

Steadily I crawled like a snake towards her, then raised my head in-between her legs, her eyes was still closed as I saw the wonders of the remote, she was using the base of the poor remote to circle round her swollen clit, chaiiiiii and I dey sleep like idiot, I made a mental note not to touch ladies TV remotes, atleast the base though.

Slowly I lifted myself on my forearm and edge towards her, slowly I blew hot air from her mouth causing her to shudder and squeeze her thigh slightly, she almost touched me but I bent low quickly, she fastened her actions when I started round two of breeze blowing, then a thought entered my mind, if I continued like that, I was no different from a standing fan so I had to take matters into my hands, how TV remote go bench me.

I licked my tongue dry and took a deep breath before slowly licking from her inner thigh upwards, as soon as my tongue touched her, the shooting sweet sensation tore through her body before realisation thought her that a remote didn’t own a tongue, in reflex she snapped her thigh round my head like a vice and opened her eyes in shock.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked.

“I wan dig borehole” I said in my mind, “babe calm down lemme show you what a remote can’t do” I chided instead and pushed her back down.

She murmured something I didn’t care to find out and laid still, I took over, as I continued with my air blowing tactics, she shuddered again, this time I went higher and kissed her navel, then trailed my tongue downwards to her clit, she was initially forming James bond but when I lightly bit her clit she moaned in joy, slowly I licked her clit and finally inserted a finger into that moist hole of hers, she was wet as Bleep drenching the bed she laid on, I conjoined licking and fingering as she trashed away in mild ecstacy.

“Baby I’m Approaching” she warned but I was ready for it, after all nothing beats paying back for ones sins in full. She grabbed my head as I increased the twirling of my tongue as she came hard, almost jolting my head from my neck with her hips round my neck. She wept as the after feeling continued, sometimes I envy the ladies anatomy, the spend an average twenty seconds enjoying climax while we the male folks have only six to eight seconds of pleasure to enjoy before a sleep inducing effect

When she finally stopped breathing like a mad goat, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, I didn’t wait for a compliment as I rushed her and began kissing her hard, one of my hands found those Bosom that got me fantasising, I kneaded her arealoa with my fingers before replacing my mouth on her right Bosom, while my hands worked on the left, some minutes later I transferred to the left Bosom while she rubbed my head like she was mixing cream, slowly I cradled downwards, attacking that tender clit again, I was sure all her neighbors might have been thinking she was undergoing exorcism rituals from an ordained priest. In another ten minutes she was thrashing helplessly into another climax.

“Please Bleep me, just fucck out my senses” she pleaded while I smiled and reached down yanking off my boxer, my wide grin turned into pure embarrassment. My dickk was still sleeping like a child in his mother’s arms, in fact it even used one of my balls as pillow.
“What are you waiting for? Fucck me please, abi you want me to beg you, oh you need a condom…..” then she opened her eyes and looked at me. “I thought… wait abi you have realise again?”

“Babe I don’t understand o” I said frowning.

“Haha haha, abi do you need drugs, I have some that my alhaji’ use to take when he couldn’t rise enough to bang me” she began searching for something near her bed.

Chaiiiiii see as my life have finish, so Na old man alhaji’ nai person dey compare me with, that was as shameful as things could get, me wey don go on two weeks straight bleeping spree, nai even second round dey hard me, not after a thirty seconds first round, she threw a packet of Viagra and two gold circles to me and got up to get water. Chimooo, my life have cast, if someone had told me I’ll have that kind of experience even before clocking twenty, i would have sucker punched that person to Mars.

“Babe I can do it without drugs, I be calabar man” I said as she brought the water for me.

“What concerns your tribe and raising your dickk back to life, I’m even helping you sef because you have made me feel really good today atleast apart from Approaching in my mouth” she joked and dropped the water next to me.

I frown and looked at the naughty child below that was trying to disgrace me, I slapped it, chided it, thug it, shouted at it all to no avail, she just sat at the edge of the bed laughing at my stupidity, then like a prayer being answered, my dickk slowly began springing back to life.


“I hope, you would reach atleast five minutes” she joked.

I didn’t answer her, my small man had a mouth of its own and it vowed to make her pay. Slowly I came back to full length as I stroked it and put on a condom, she parted her pink Kittycat and laid down with a pillow under her back, she was giving me directions and I was so glad to follow as I slowly fill her up, her insides held me warmly, when I was fully in, I stopped moving and enjoyed the moment.

“Don’t tell me you have realized again”

Shiiit, I just vex, I withdrew like almost completely and then slammed back in with force, she screamed in surprise and pleasure which I could term as ‘sursure or pleaprise’ as she tried grabbing my arse to aid in the work done thinking I was lazy but I proved her wrong, I fucvked her like never done before, I was doing almost hundred strokes per minute, she was trashing around and screaming her lungs off, urging me to fucck her till she dies, shiooo who wan go prison Na, I had to slow down, she pushed me off and changed position.

Her marvelous arse was turned to me while she went on all fours, I took the invitation willingly, banging her while slapping that Buttocks as hard as I could, each time she groaned in pain-pleasure, I kept banging her till she came for the third time and collapsed with me still inside her. This time I continued stroking in and out not minding if she had collapsed or not, when I was almost getting scared, another moan escaped her lips.

“Dude you no dey tire” she whispered as she made me pull out, I laughed as I noticed my condom had bursted.

I removed the stupid rubber and replace it with her mouth as she made me lie down, this time I was super ready as she worked hard with her mouth sending waves and waves of pleasure shooting through my body. She asked if I did Anal, I said no so she climbed me in a reverse cow girl and continued banging, this time she didn’t bother using a condom again. In my mind I was like “if I go do test and I get any sickness ehhhh….”

After long waves of pleasure giving and exhausting all the styles we could remember from Kamasutra, we collapsed, spent, happy, fulfilled. She was the first to get up, I looked at my dickk and smiled as it was not like a two year old child’s again. She brought back two containers of Hollandia and poured me one before kissing me and feeding me the chilled drink.

“You tried dude, I would have asked you to be my boyfriend but I don’t do young boys, because they have nothing to offer me, maybe till I want to get married Sha but that would be in a long time” she exclaimed.

“Me too I would have asked you to be my girlfriend but obviously I don’t date people that I don’t know their name” I joked back as we both laughed. “I’m Peter by the way.” I said offering my hand, she laughed and shook me.

“I’m Ruth, nice to Bleep you Peter.”

I grabbed my boxer and got my trousers were she hid it, she grabbed the bed sheet and use as a wrapper as she went out to get my shirt.

“Ruth which oga you wan kill inside Na” a neighbor ask her.

“You no go understand ooo” Ruth said as I heard her walking back.

She was smiling when she handed my shirt over, I didn’t bother to ask why she was grinning and she didn’t bother telling me either. She gave me another plate of rice with a large piece of meat untop.

“Shey you know this won’t happen again, I don’t date young guys so just remove your mind from any thoughts of wooing me” she warned as I was about leaving.

“I haven’t even thought of it either, it’s cool with me, you won’t even see me in this area again, in fact I don’t even know you” I smiled and open the door.

She rushed me and devoured my mouth in another hot bout of kiss, I fully allowed it as I grabbed that Buttocks for the last time, my dicck wanted to respond but I quickly rebuke it.

“I would have love you to stay overnight atleast but my sugar daddy is coming to get me in two hours time, I hope he doesn’t tries bleeping me oo, if not his small dickk would be like it entered swimming pool” she breath into my ears, I laughed like I was going nuts.

As soon as I stepped out, a crowd of witness filled outside awaiting the arrival of the fucck king, shiooo come see as I just dey bounce like Wiz Khalifa, I put my ear phones without music so that I could hear what they would say when I pass them.

“Chai, Na even this small boy”

“Kai this guy Na bad guy o”

“Damn Na this boy dey make this girl scream like this?”

“Nawao this boy don chop wetin him father mates dey chop” e.t.c………

I just smiled as I walked down to get a bike home…….

P.S – Three months later, I went for test and I was Negative



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