Six month old baby suffers brain bleed after being slapped at school

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Glen Braun, who is just six months old, had a brain bleed and a painful injury to his face after he was slapped hard at his nursery school in Kansas in the US.

Baby suffers brain bleed after being slapped at nursery

Glen’s parents claim that when they picked him up from the nursery, he was vomiting.

Distraught dad Brett told WDAF: “As soon as I started holding him, he vomited all over me.”

He also claimed that medics found “signs of abuse”, after he took Glen to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

He said: “The head CT scan showed that he had a brain bleed.”

His mum Sarah said a home care worker told her that the injury could have been caused by another child.

Investigations are currently being carried out on the nursery whose licence has already been suspended.

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