SHOCKING NEWS: Meet the Young Woman Who Got Pregnant ‘Without Having S3x

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SHOCKING NEWS: Meet the Young Woman Who Got Pregnant ‘Without Having S*x

Lin Shuping, a 24-year-old Chinese woman has stunned people with her rather weird confession. The lady who has just given birth to a healthy baby girl, has insisted that she has “never been touched by a man”.

According to Daily Star UK, Lin Shuping was taken to hospital after suddenly fainting and feared that she was suffering from a serious illness. But Ms Shuping got the shock of her life when she started to go into labour.

The new mum told doctors she didn’t have a boyfriend and had never been “intimately touched” by a man.

When asked where the baby had come from, a shocked Ms Shuping said, “she did not have a clue”, even though she would have missed her period for the last nine months, a condition known as “cryptic pregnancy”.

Even though sear received no prenatal care, Ms Shuping gave birth to a healthy baby girl. But despite her miracle birth, Ms Shuping is not happy to have become a mum. She has told hospital staff that she wants to give up the baby because she doesn’t have the money to look after it.

The Chinese hospital have also had to contacted her family in Guangxi because she cannot afford to pay her medical bills.

In a cryptic pregnancy, women remain completely unaware they are pregnant until going into labour. Causes of this can range from a lack of noticeable weight gain to continued menstruation.

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