Shadefest! MaleekBerry VS Shizzi on Twitter

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It turns out the shades never stop in showbiz.

From OAPs to musicians, entertainers have ways of throwing shades at each other in public spaces.

Shadefest! Maleekberry VS Shizzi on Twitter Lailasnews 1


We are talking about major shades thrown by rapper MaleekBerry at someone older than him in the industry.

The rapper who is currently in  London took to Twitter in a series of tweet to express his dismay with older goons in the industry who he claims talk bad about the younger folks and then play all-sides.

Shadefest! Maleekberry VS Shizzi on Twitter Lailasnews 3

Here is what he says:

“There are too many fake people in this industry

If I start to vex and call out names

All you so called elders behind the scenes that are meant to be guiding younger african artists but instead you want to destroy people’s names behind the scenes , why because no one is brown nosing you ?

Talking about we need to stick together more but all you grown men do is talk bad about young dudes trying to make something out of their lives and feed their families


Thank God I have real people around me In my inner circle I can seek wise counsel from

Sometimes keeping quiet is not the answer always

I will continue to spread love to all you fake agbaya’s

Now lemme get back to enjoying this London sunshine”

Things get even more “shady” as record producer and song writer; Oluwaseyi Akerele, popularly known as Shizzi, who has worked with Davido and the likes, it seems, joined in the “shadefest” and may not have Maleekberry’s back, as he claims that someone fake is referring to others as fake.

Shadefest! Maleekberry VS Shizzi on Twitter Lailasnews 2

Here is what he says:

“Fakes calling out fakes!!”


Perhaps, those that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones after all.

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