Sen. Abdullahi Adamu: A Joke Nigeria cannot Afford

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Senator Abdullahi Adamu: A Joke Nigerians cannot Afford by AbdhulYahaya (Capt10)

Abdullahi Adamu

Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the new National Chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) nicknamed “The Bridge Builder” in his native Nasarawa state where he Governed for Eight (8) years Under the umbrella of the then Ruling People’s democratic party (PDP) before decamping to the APC when it came into power and also represented the Western part of the state in the senate before his emergence as the National Chairman of the party almost became the stroke that finally divides the party he leads along ethnic, religious and regional lines.
A man whose own emergence as the National Chairman of the party was marred by early resistance by many party faithful and regarded as an act of imposition by the presidency yet he still emerged the Consensus candidate of the party to the dismay of other contestants and party governors alike believing it may largely impact the much anticipated upcoming party convention. The party Governors and other stakeholders later gave in to the presidency’s demands and accepted his selection as Presidential Consensus candidate paving the way thus reluctantly the withdrawal of other candidates and his subsequent endorsement.

Most analysts pinpoint his earlier successes in chairing the Party’s reconciliation committee coupled with his vocal and cult-followership of the Buhari Agenda in the senate over the years as reasons which placed him in the good books of the Cabal (set of individuals in the presidency who are believed to be largely in control of affairs).

Although he is notorious for being dictatorial in the affairs of his home state Evidently highlighted by the much-coveted Controversial events( change of original delegate lists, postponements etc.) which many insists were carried out by his cohorts overshadowed the Nasarawa states All progressive congress (APC)elections which lead to many aggrieved aspirants withdrawing from the Parties primaries and others announcing their resignations from the part entirely although little of such characters are known about him in the National stage on the front but all that began to change after his assumption into office as the Chairman of the Ruling APC with his first notable action being the fixing of staggering fees for purchase of the party’s Nomination tickets which got the whole country bewildered at the time and his insistence as well as unapologetic manner in which he insisted on carrying on with that decision even though it has drawn criticisms within and outside the party as well as led some aspirants to backdown on the aspirations.

Amidst that Nomination fee saga that dominated the polity at that time the New chairman again came under negative limelight when Some members of the National working committee (NWC) Accused him of deliberately sidelining them and taking control of almost every aspect of the party’s affairs as well as taking decisions on behalf of the party without due consultations.

But it was on 6th June, just a day before the APC’s Presidential primaries that the New chairman notoriously announced his arrival on the scandalous steaming scenes leading to the 2023 General elections when it was reported widely that he has told the National working Committee (NWC) of the Party that the Senate president Ahmed Lawan is the chosen consensus candidate of President Muhammadu Buhari a declaration which was met with shock across the country and sent the Northern Governor’s into frenzy who have been working studiously and involving countless consultations towards the Agenda of zoning the Party’s ticket to the Southern part of the country in a bid to uphold an arrangement which they say the North and Southern parts of the country had which is believed to have immensely aided the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari as the President in 2015 and his re-election in 2019.

Abdullahi Adamu’s Surprising declaration of Ahmed Lawan who like Buhari hails from the North as the Consensus Candidate of the party chosen by the President drew so much criticism to the presidency that it had to release A statement denying the president had directed such and also went as far as putting to bed any assumption nor expectation of the president’s interference in the primaries as well as indicating that such powers to choose who flies the much sort after party’s presidential flag rested in the hands of the delegates who are the electorates on that day.

Even with the release of that statement the damage the Chairman’s curious, unjustified and divisive statement endorsing Ahmed Lawan a day from the election did could be likened to shifting the goal post in the middle of the game which negatively portrayed the integrity and image of the Party’s chairman and also led to the Northern Governors releasing a counter statement distancing themselves from the Chairman’s statements as well as reaffirming their resolution that the party’s ticket should be zoned to the south in the spirit of fairness and togetherness.

Another implication of that statement attributed to the National chairman (which he still hasn’t outrightly denied) was bred distrust amongst party members as well draw scrutiny on his administration as the Party’s chairman and his regional, Religious and ethnocentric sentiments. Also brought into question was whose bidding he was carrying out. Some analysts suggested he was working for the Opposition Peoples democratic party (PDP) to sabotage the APC’s chances in the forthcoming elections(as absurd as it may sound), others say he is trying to instill his authority on the party and improve his grip on the party’s structure by bringing in a close ally of his(Ahmed Lawan), others like myself are even more critical unforgiving of his rhetorical actions and insist he owes the President, members of the All Progressives Congress(APC) and the general public an apology for using the president’s name in his selfish, short-sighted and divisive attempt at sneaking an unpopular aspirant through the backdoor not minding that it was futile since it almost painted the Image of the president fondly accosted the title of Mai Gaskiya (The Trustworthy) by the Majority of Nigerians. Even worst his actions nearly broke down the much-needed bridge of trust, mutual respect, sense of togetherness, and regard for one another still connecting the two regions after all, isn’t he (Abdullahi Adamu) nicknamed ‘the bridge builder’ by his admirers?


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