See reactions of neighbours after a woman started singing loudly from her room (Video)

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A woman who is most likely an opera singer was singing so loud and beautifully got the full attention of her neighbours who became very quiet, walked to their windows to listen to the beautiful music coming from this woman.

See reactions of neighbours after a woman started singing loudly from her room (Video) - lailasnews

The entire neighbourhood was listening without the woman’s knowledge. She was not aware the quiet neighbourhood was listening to her sing until the moment she stopped singing the beautiful song and the entire neighbourhood started giving a round of applause to her.

Watch the video below.

Te video was shared on social media, see some reactions below.

Lol… Lagosians can’t even try this. Your voice won’t even leave your window. The backup of generator noise would outshine your shine. – @ifyadi

Especially in my area, hav got 2hotels and 3church arund my house.. How wil they hear me sing – @Bobbylano

This has to be Canada the people are too nice. If it were America, we’d have a part two of coming to America. – @Goodman_Raay

She just unconsciously set up an Opera. ? – @Oge_Glory

She’s most likely going to get goosebumps. Mad mad – @tz_frank_lyn

If I sing like this in my neighborhood, they will arrest me.. not because I’m disturbing. Cos my voice will be a threat to their peaceful existence ? ? – @G_Samito

Y’all sure this wasn’t the trumpet sounding, I didn’t see no woman – @Scottleen

Legendary Luciano Pavarotti will be proud. God rest his soul. ?????? – @UwemCarlos1

Where I stay eh they’ll call the cops on her – @odinaka_ehirim

I saw that coming…. It was so full of soul – @ArtkingSadiq

There’s love ? in that neighborhood ??? – @Haggi31600285

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