See negative reactions this adorable baby’s pictures has sparked

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The adorable baby was photographed in front of a sunflower plantation and the motives of the mother is now being questioned.

See shocking reactions this adorable baby picture has sparked

His mother Ronke Raji took to her social media page to share his pictures with caption;

My sweet Amari, welcome to the internet.

However Africans on the platform claim it portrays slavery, saying he was dressed like one, even though the blacks are now over slavery. They condemned his mother’s choice of outfit for him and the theme of the shoot.

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See reactions from users on the same platform the adorable baby’s pictures were shared below.

@RostinH – Why you doin this to your child man, we are past slavery and you out him right back in the fields

@marcelopapii – that baby got on the slave drip, i’ve been sitting on my comment not trying to offend anyone but hey man ??‍♂️

@delisaaaaaa – Very much slavery & plantation vibes

@salmanalessa12 – You wait little man I’m gon come free you

@iHeartAmnesia – Yall know slavery over right?

@Richy__Green – Loool…. Cute baby you got there. Honestly when I saw this picture, I thought he was found in the bush like Moses in the Bible that was found by the water side. Until I read the caption.

@Ish28gz – You know we been free for a lil minute right? U don’t have to dress him like dat

@beardedpapi6 – 12 months a slave…

@Jachimma_x – African Americans in the comments being closed minded; so a background of a sunflower farm and brown shots & sleeveless top are now automatically linked to slavery, pls rest?

@Ish745 – boy a slave ??

@PhantomIsGuilty – Cute dude is out there in the field.. he would be the owner of a plantation some day..??

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