See Funny MMM Jokes and Comment that will Crack You up After it Frozen Earlier Today

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MMM Nigeria Participants In  Panic As Scheme Freezes  Participants’ Money Till Next  Year

*Someone used his school fees to invest in MMM, the guy never wake up since morning…

* I have been consoling people as if the loss someone

* MMM wahala. I just called security, to monitor my friend. That borrowed #200k from someone and happily invested it.. expecting better returns, He has been playing with rope since morning dnt knw weda he is skipping abi she wants to commit suicide… ??

MMM WhatsApp group
Member: Admin Has MMM crashed?
Admin: We froze accounts to upgrade it. Relax.
2 minutes later. *Admin has left LOLS

* I was drinking Hollandia yoghurt wen someone called me to say Dat MMM Nigeria has been frozen. Oboy, D Hollandia started testing like Alomo.

* Of course, there is no physical address for MMM in Nigeria. So, no matter how heated your anger is, you can’t burn MMM down.

* I borrowed my friend #1,200 last week to add to his alawee of #19,800 to fund his MMM account. Nigga been crying in five different languages

* At least MMM has given us excuse this Christmas period for our girlfriends.
Babe – Brian do Christmas for me.
Me – MMM is with my money.




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