SCARCITY: Violence Breaks Out In Filling Station As Fuel Scarcity Persists

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Some youths at a filling station at Tipper Garage, Ibadan, Oyo State, engaged one another in a free-for-all while scrambling for fuel.

In a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday, about three young men wielding sticks and cudgels were seen viciously smacking a youth with the weapons.

Some youths, who appeared to be from the victim’s side regrouped and chased the attackers with bottles and sticks.

While the 25-second clip lasted, worried onlookers were heard in the background, shouting in bewilderment. “See blood, see blood! They have hit him on the head,” One of them exclaimed. “See bottles, they were smashing bottles,” another bystander shouted. “Ha! Ha!….Jesus,” another voice stuttered.

Two lines of kegs of different sizes and vehicles were also seen forming queues at the filling station.

Fuel crisis resurfaced in the country about three weeks ago, with Abuja and Lagos among the areas worst hit by the scarcity initially likened to imported dirty fuel.

As the Federal Government battled to resolve the problem, Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 compounded it as oil vessels coming into Nigeria from the warring region face delay.

In effect, several filling stations now sell above the pump price of N165/litre while ‘black market’ holds sway, with one litre being sold for as much as N500.

Consequently, transport fares have doubled in some parts of the country as the scarcity bites harder

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