Sarri: Chelsea manager speaks after losing 7-0 to Manchester City

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Chelsea manager, Maurizio Sarri has stated that his job at Stamford Bridge could be under threat after losing 7-0 to Manchester City on Sunday.

Sarri: Chelsea manager speaks after losing 6-0 to Manchester City

The game against Pep Guardiola’s men saw The Blues overpowered as Sergio Aguero netted a hat-trick to help City maintain their top spot on the EPL table.

Shortly after the game, Sarri spoke to Sky Sports about the loss.

Question: Maurizio, horrible day for you, how do you explain it?

Sarri: At the moment I am not able to explain. During the week my feeling was really, really good in training. So at the moment maybe we conceded a goal in three minutes against these opponents and it was really, really difficult to play.
And it was really, very difficult not to give them spaces and so we were in trouble, but I am not able at the moment to understand because as I said before during the week my feeling was really good.

Q: I understand what you say, difficult time for you to go into it, but do you think individual errors was the thing that cost you, or the approach on reflection wrong?

Sarri: I think we made a lot of mistakes against the wrong opponents, they play really fantastic football and we made a lot of mistakes.

Q: Are you able to tell us what the plan was today, and did you change anything at all because it’s Manchester City or did you say ‘this is how we play, we keep doing it’?
Sarri: No, we wanted to press them from the beginning of the action but then the plan was completely over because we conceded a goal in three minutes so it was really, very difficult.

Q: At the moment, the way you want your players to play and press. Are they able to do it the way you want them to do it?

Sarri: No, not always, I think today the big difference between the two teams was the intensity of pressing. They press really, really well with really high intensity and we were not able to do it.

Q: After Arsenal and Bournemouth you talked about mentality, motivation. Did you see that as a problem today?

Sarri: I don’t think the motivation – as I said before my feeling was really, very good in the week. It was really, very good yesterday and during the warm-up. I think we were not able to react in the right way. We had only to stay in the match. It can happen. We were not able to stay in the match.

Q: Why do you think it keeps happening to you away from home? This is Arsenal, Bournemouth and now this all in a row?
Sarri: I think at the moment we have a big problem away.

Q: What’s causing that do you think?

Sarri: I don’t know because at the beginning of the season we played better away than at home. Now in the last month everything has changed so we need to understand it’s not easy. But we need to understand because we need to play in every situation, after a positive situation, after a negative situation we need to play to stay in the match.

Q: This is Chelsea’s worst ever Premier League defeat on the back of Arsenal and Bournemouth. Do you worry that a result like that, at a club like Chelsea, will bring pressure and scrutiny?

Sarri: I think that is right. I am in charge of the team so it is right.

Q: So what happens next, will you have discussions over your future?

Sarri: I don’t know. Not at the moment but I think it will happen, it’s normal and something we need to do.

Q: I just have to clarify this. You think in the next week you’ll be sitting down with the people at Chelsea to discuss if you’re still manager?

Sarri: I don’t know, you’ll have to ask the club. I have no idea about this at the moment.



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