Sad Video of A Nigerian Dad Crying By The Roadside With His Sick Child Who Has A Heart Disease

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A video has emerged online showing the heartbreaking moment a Nigerian dad identified as Agoboye Francis Monday, was seen weeping by the roadside with his sick child who has a heart problem.

In the video, the distraught father who sat in front of the Rivers state government house said he has been to so many places including churches for help but nothing tangible has come out from them.

According to Mr Agoboye, his son, Beniah has many holes in his heart and needs about N15 million for a surgery. He said he has spent all his life savings on his child and needs assistance from well meaning Nigerians.

On Thursday January 24th, he took his child to the Rivers state government house to see if he could by chance see governor Nyesom Wike, but the security officers chased him away. Mr Agoboye shared photos of an appeal he wrote to the state government for help but up till now, there was no response.

He says his son has 64 days to live if an emergency surgery is not carried out.

A resident of the state, Lexy Mueka, who witnessed the distraught father while he was in front of the state government house, gave an account of what happened.

Read what he wrote below:

We are the world so let’s make it a better place for baby Beniah.

Please after reading, try to help donate and kindly share to at least 3 groups. A messiah might arise from these groups to help save the life of little BENIAH and God will single you out for blessing this year.

I haven’t been touched deeply or emotionally like the way I was on Thursday January 24th Jan 2019, driving through the front of Gov’t house gate I saw a neatly dressed young man been beaten and pushed around by the Gov’t house police,

At first I thought he was a criminal or an imposter who was trying to gain access into the premises illegally but then I was shocked what I discovered when I took a closer look at the young man.

I noticed that the young man was carrying a baby that was barely alive and gasping for breath, I became curious and triggered to seek more information.

I also found out that the young man being beaten was the father who was only trying out the last resort to save the life of his child. He came to the gov’t house gate just to see if providence will smile on him just like the man at the beautiful gate so that he could get assistance from the Governor peradventure he leaves or gets into the premises.

This sad event wouldn’t have happened if not for the poor manner the security agents choose to despatch their acclaimed duty by choosing to be ruthless and further act as though he was a prime enemy of the state.

The young man had no other means to reach the Governor as he has on several occasions written letters appealing for any form of assistance that could aid him to preserve the life of his baby.

Making an attempt to salvage the situation I then walked right across the road in an attempt to pick him up and he sighted me and broke out in a loud cry calling to God. He was solely all about saving the child because he cried to help save his son because that was all he had.

This broke me; I didn’t even know when I broke into tears with him right in the middle of the road in from of the Rivers state gov’t house.

I offered to reach out to him and saw the child who had barely 2months to live if a heart surgery is not performed urgently and it has to be done abroad and the time was fast ticking.
Now the painful part of this whole issue is that…

The young man is from Okrika LGA in Rivers State. But what happened to the Rivers State Health Care programs?
What has the ministry & Commissioner for Health done because he said he has written, met and even pleaded with him for help yet to no avail.

He has done all he could to draw the attention of the government to the predicament his little child is facing but it all fell on deaf ears because the baby is a child of a poor man who has no say or connection in the society.

Little Beniah has multiple holes in his heart from birth and this has put his life on the brink, he needs a replacement surgery oversea at the cost of 15 million naira, but if we can show some humanity by using the little we have to save the life of this little baby, then we have made this world a better place for this little boy and his family and it is not insurmountable if we try,


N3000 X 5000 person =N15,000,000
N1500 X 10, 000 person =N15,000,000
N1000 X 15, 000 person =N15,000,000

If you do not have this much to donate you can do the little you can as it will go a long way to help build the expected sum.

Please do well to share this piece to any individual you know can be of direct help or organizations that can independently assist in any little or whole way and God will richly reward your effort in saving this soul.

Donate To Agoboye Francis Monday
First Bank: 3096631686
Diamond Bank: 0067660529
Or call Fortune on 09028994519 for more details.

We must save baby BENIAH AGOBOYE.

Please help & share let’s save a child. God bless You.

Watch the video of the man by the road below:



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