Rev Adejumo stopped Fatoyinbo from responding to Ese Walter – Akah

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Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had, during the Ese Walter sex scandal, promised to give a robust response to the allegations she leveled against him, which he never did.

Rev Adejumo stopped Fatoyinbo from responding to Ese Walter – Akah

Akah Nnani who just denounced his membership of the church, revealed that the cleric couple advised the embattled pastor from releasing the robust response he promised Nigerians.

He shared on Instagram:

“Pastor @Ffadejumo and Bishop @felixadejumo mummy and daddy, I ask you to please sway this matter in the right direction. I plead with you.

You adviced Pastor @biodunfatoyinbo not to release the robust report he said he was going to send out, Years back when the Ese Walters story came out.

Now there are too many accounts of several rape, and underaged sex allegations against pastor Biodun. It is too much drama for someone in a position as his. All we ask is that he steps down for now and separate himself from the church. Till everything is clear.

He obviously holds you in high esteem and listens to what you say. Please, tell him to let an assistant pastor step up.
Myself and a lot of COZA members and even workers who have now joined the movement are asking this simple thing.

Why are we taking this position? We are too much of a church saturated country to have the amount of rot we are dealing with in this nation. The rot in this country is too much! The educational system is rotten, infrastructure is rotten, Nigeria’s image is rotten, government is rotten, health sector is rotten, power and electricity rotten…

Most of our political leaders are in the church. It therefore means that there is rot in the church. If we want to clean the country then we must start from the church. Our generation is tired of having nothing. So we must start from somewhere. The older generations have failed us for too long. Rape culture is too much. Only 18 men since 1960 have been convicted of rape in Nigeria even though 1 out of 3 women have been raped.

If we as the church cannot act honourably, then what are we here for? Nigeria is failing, it means the church is failing.
The last thing we want is for the government to start regulating the activities of the church organisation as a whole, so the the church has to regulate itself now. Not cover everytime. It’s not working. Our generation is turning away from church and its not right. I’m begging”.

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