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Without teachers there won’t be doctors figure this out where do doctors go to become whom they are today? Your guess is as good as mine. School, which doctor in the world today that does not have a doctorate degree in either a university or any other higher institution in the world it doesn’t.

Teachers are a prime means of transmitting knowledge to the youth. We rely on them for ensuring the knowledge base of our society to be maintained and grow. It’s important to have teachers who can inspire young children to develop interests and passions that can benefit the world.

Doctors are important but I think their priorities are in expanding our current knowledge through research.

Teacher and doctor both help people with their careers. It’s mean to compare them and say one is better, I think.

We need teachers to teach doctors.

We need doctors to cure teachers.

Teachers are more important because they teach students in the primary stages as if they are building their minds and therefore, these students may become doctors, engineers, pharmacists …etc, so it’s always all about the “base”.

But in contrast to doctors (within the meaning of tutors at the university), teachers do not only equip the students with knowledge. They do (or at least should) also form their characters, take care of them, support them, smooth down differences in class, manage the class and so on.

These are things doctors at university mostly don’t care about (in my experience).

In a sentence “Teacher makes Doctors”

But both professions can create great impacts in people’s lives.

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