This is the real worth of the Porsche car Davido bought for Chioma

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April 30th 2018 was a big day on the Nigerian social media world as one of the top singers in the country, Davido bought a Porsche car for hi girlfriend, Chioma on her birthday and reports have it that the car is worth about N45 million.

This is the real worth of the Porsche Davido bought for Chioma lailasnews 3


This has been a topic for discussion on most social media platforms as some people are of the believe that the car is not worth as much as the publicised price. Some even claim it is worth more.

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Some news sources put the value of the car at N45 million and some set it as N40 million. But the car is clearly a tokunbo vehicle and they claim that even the brand new Cayennes can be obtained for less than N45 million.

According to research conducted by auto aficionado’s, the truck is a 2011 model which retails from about ($25,000) N10 million, exclusive of customs and other charges. The total value of the vehicle is usually less than N20 million. However the trim Davido purchased seems to be full options probably bringing the total value of the car to about N20 million.


Tough still a large sum of money ,it is nowhere near the N45 million that would be spent to obtain a newer model of the vehicle.

Even the 2018 model starts retailing from about $65000 (N24 million) and certainly to get it to Nigeria will still be less than N40 million, depending on how ambitious the car dealer is. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Davido has certainly splurged on the love of his life. Its just not as big a splurge as certain media elements have hyped it to be.

Whatever the worth of the car is. It is a gift and we believe a gift should be invaluable as it comes from an individual that cherishes another individual.

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