Read Toke Makinwa’s Cryptic Message To Her Ex

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Toke Makinwa took to Instagram to call out someone who put her through a Hell Hole which she survived and it wouldn’t be more that her ex.

The Media personality who has surely been through a lot lately, but she has risen above them and moved on to better things.

Toke Makinwa took to Instagram this afternoon to send out a cryptic message .

It reads:

Don’t be mad at me for surviving the hell hole, be mad at yourself for thinking you could take me down ?. I not only survived, I thrived and I’m still thriving! Glowing thru it all❗️Shout out to everyone out there who’s been thru the fire and came out unscathed. Whatever it was; Loss of opportunity, jobs, loved ones, health issues…. whatever and however life showed up, you went thru it, you are going thru it and you are still here. Cheers to becoming more #TeamGCforLaiveeeeee!!!!! #Madefordisplay #Atruereflectionofhisgrace
Monkey no dey born goat ?
In other news my natural hair is on fleeeeek!!! ??

Here’s what she shared:



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