In the report by The Nation, the alleged murder sparked a violent protest by other inmates at the correctional facility.

Prison staff allegedly beat inmate to death in Akwa Ibom

The irate inmates numbering over 100 insisted that the deputy comptroller in charge of NCS Eket must go even as they destroyed properties worth millions of naira including four cells internally.

In the midst of the confusion, a large number of prisoners tried to escape from custody but were stoutly prevented by warders who fired gunshots sporadically.

The source disclosed that inmates who tried to escape were injured and apprehended by the warders.

“The clinic facilities, kitchen, storehouses, pantry and other facilities and condemned the inmates cells and nearly all the facilities were destroyed,” a source who refused to be named said.

He explained that the inmates had created holes on the walls to ease their escape.

Scores of heavily armed warders surrounded the hospital where the injured inmates were receiving treatment.

“The warders surrounded the hospital where the three inmates were hospitalised,” he said.

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