How Police shot two men over mistaken identity in Delta

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Officers of the Nigerian Police Force in Warri, Delta State have been accused of firing gunshots at innocent citizens over a case of mistaken identity.

The DPO of “B” Division, Mr Aniettie Eyoh of the Delta State Police Command was reported to have allegedly shot one Mr Segun Awodeyi and Efe Peter wrongly along Cemetery Road, Warri, Warri South West Local Government Council Area of Delta State, Nigeria on the 24th of April 2018.

How Police shot two men over mistaken identity in Delta lailasnews


According to the gunshot victims, Mr Eyoh alongside with Mr Emeka of the Warri Area Command office and Mr Prince of the “A” Division shot at them while on motion at about 7:45pm.

He said Mr Aniettie Eyoh later realised that they (gunshots victims) were wrongly shot at and offerd to foot their medical bills

Segun Awodeyi narrateed his ordeal in an interview with Upng.Co.

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“I was driving home from a meeting with two of my friends, Efe Peters and Victor Torubiri along Cemetery Road, Warri, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, when suddenly I heard repeated gunshots and I thought we were caught up with armed robbers. Just as i was wondering what was happening, I felt a gun shot on my head!!!. Blood immediately started gushing out of my head.

My friend, Efe Peters who was on the passengers seat was equally shot on his head. Victor was not shot because he laid on the floor of the back seat. While I was screaming, I lifted my head up and I saw the patrol Van of “B” Division of the Delta State Police Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Warri, Delta State: feeling relieved, at least sure of further safety, I immediately ran towards the van as I also saw the DPO whom I recognised but instead of getting the safety that I assumed, the DPO pointed a gun at me, aiming to shoot my chest and i immediately turned and the bullet hit my buttock.

In my pool of blood, I started shouting “DPO, na me Segun ooo, you no know me again?? You won kill me,? He ordered me to lie on the floor which I did. He placed his leg on my chest, and beckoned on one man to come and identify me but the man declined.


It was then, I recognised two other police officers, Mr. Emeka of Warri Area Command and Mr Prince of ” A” Division and I started shouting “Emeka, na me your friend oo, Emeka ,you won kill me? You no know me Segun your friend?

It was at this point that Emeka moved closer to recognise me after which he screamed and immediately beckoned on the DPO and the three (DPO, Emeka and Prince) of them went to the back of my car to discuss. It was while they were still discussing, leaving i my friend Efe Peter’s socked in our own pool of blood that the patrol van of “A” division coincidentally drove to the scene and on recognising me, they immediately rushed us to Hospital.

Meanwhile, at this time, they have shot my car severally and even my fuel tank was burst open with bullets”. Segun Continued ” some minutes after we got to the hospital, Prince and Emeka, the two police officers that joined the “B” Division to carry out the act came to the hospital to find out if we are still alive. On hearing that we are still alive, the DPO (Mr Eyoh) requested that the Doctor in charge should administer treatment on us and promised to foot the bill”. .

Mr Awodeyi lamented that the DPO didn’t carried out investigations before shooting at them. “We were not stopped by the police men, we were not searched, we were not interrogated, we were not arrested, all we can remember is the repeated gun shot at us”.

Still explaining, Segun disclosed that information got to them later that it was one Mr Ogbe who informed the police that they (Segun and Efe Peters were alleged kidnappers that kidnapped the wife of one Mr Emiko in a Toyota Camry car, the type of his (Segun) Apparently, few days to the night of the incident, the wife of one Mr Emiko was kidnapped in same colour and model of the Toyota Camry popularly called spider.

On spotting the car, Mr Ogbe called on the ” B”Division DPO to informed him that the persons that kidnapper Emiko’s wife and the car is packed at Cemetery Road. Mr Awodeyi alleged that the DPO and His men shot at them severally without an arrest and proper investigation.

As at the time of filling in this report, 3rd May 2018″ Segun Awodeyi and Efe Peters are still receiving treatment in the hospital.

The Hospital bill is allegedly being footed by the “B” Division DPO through the gunshot victims claimed that the DPO has not visited them at the hospital since the incident occurred.

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