“Please Help Me” – Burglar Rescued By Police After Getting Stuck In A Window For Five Hours

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A hapless burglar had to be rescued by police during a break-in – after he got stuck in a window for five hours.

The shoeless man – wearing jeans and black socks – had to be retrieved by officers after desperately crying out for help when he got trapped in the tight spot.

A hilarious picture taken by West Midlands Police on Thursday shows the crook with his body half inside the window with his legs dangling out.

Shortly after being freed from the window, the red-faced crook was taken into police custody.

In a tweet, West Midlands Response Team said from their @ResponseWMP1 account: “#dontgetstuck if your [sic] trying to break in. 5 hours alter shouting help #triptocustody by all means”

Web users were quick to ridicule the would-be burglar on social media.

Judith Broug said: “trying really hard not to laugh”

And Jim Nicholl tweeted: “Another fine mess Stanley. Must feel a right turkey!”

Henry Smith added: “This has made my day. What an absolute plonker.”

Lisa Foster wrote: “Bet he felt like an absolute idiot. He got everything he deserved being stuck there for that long.”

Manager Kamran Hussain, 30, said he was called to the shop after an elderly resident heard the man shouting: “Please help me, I’m stuck.”

Mr Hussain, who has ran the takeaway for three years, added: “I had a call from the police this morning saying a man had got trapped breaking in to our shop.

“I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing so I dashed down to let the officers in the front door.

“One of the residents who lived nearby had heard a bloke calling for help. He was shouting “help, I’m stuck, can you get me out please’.

“But this old man knew that he was trying to break in, it was quite obvious really, I suppose and told him ‘No, I’m not helping you”.

“So he phoned the police and I let them in the front. This bloke was just dangling there. He had no top on and seemed very cold.

“He didn’t really say much, they just got him down, arrested him and marched him away after taking his details.

“I think he was too embarrassed to say much really, he did a very stupid thing.” (SunUK)

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