Photos: Local Kwara State Residents All Wearing Asoebi Denied Entry To The Wedding Ceremony Of Bukola Saraki’s Daughter

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These photos posted online shows men and women wearing Asoebi, sitting outside during the Introduction ceremony of Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s daughterin Kwara State on Saturday. Below is what the poster wrote:

“Kwara people who are supporters of Baba Adinni aka Bukola Saraki caged and locked out of the wedding ceremony of the daughter of their great leader. I hear they were locked out so as to prevent them from erupting into nuclear battles over amala, semo or jollof rice. Hunger is real in Kwara State. I don’t even care if Kwarans insult me as usual this morning but this is a disgrace to humanity.”

Chai! Local residents all decked in asoebi denied entry to the wedding ceremony of Bukola Saraki

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