“Pastors’ Flog Members With Leather Belts During Deliverance” (Viral Video)

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pastor flogs members with belt as deliverance

A video currently circulating online captures moments some pastors were using belts to flog their members in what looked like a deliverance service.

There was no indication of the identity of the church or the type of service taking place but the internet community has condemned the act of flogging church members as a form of deliverance, saying such practice had nothing to do with Christianity.

The video shows some persons dressed in suit, lying down at a platform that looks like an altar and getting flogged with belts by some men as they moved from one person to the other.

The veracity of the video as a church deliverance service is not yet confirmed.

Most of people who watched the video unanimously agreed that the act of flogging members with belts was demeaning and nothing related to Christianity.


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