Pamela Odame opens bottle with her big boobs (Video)

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While a friend held a bottle of an alcoholic beverage in the video, the Ghanaian-Kenyan socialite and model ran through in slow motion effect with her boobs jiggling back and forth before hitting the bottle cap and lifted it off the bottle.

Pamela Odame opens bottle with her big boobs (Video)


The busty model once opened up on her love and sex life on the Delay Show at the moment he was accused of having sex with some musicians she featured in their music videos.

The 23-year-old model although denied having had sexual relations with any of the artistes but conceded after the host, Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) suggested to her she knew two of the musicians she slept with.

Watara mentioned that she had featured in music videos of “Captain Planet, Joey B, Sarkodie, Coded and other three musicians who are not big.”

“Out of these seven musicians, how many did you have sex with?” Delay quizzed.

The model smiled, giggled and answered “none of them” but backtracked after Delay pushed her.

“Just one,” a rather sober Watara said.

Asked if the said musician is married and indeed if she knew about his marital status, Watara responded, “I didn’t really know.”

According to her, she dated the musician in question for two months after they shot the video.

“He didn’t promise me love. He was calling to check up on me and sometimes, I could tell him I was broke. He could come pick me up for outing, send me back home and give me some money,” she noted.

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