OAU student pours Sniper in her roommate mouth

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OAU student pours Sniper in her roommate’s mouth

Reports have it that the students had earlier had a serious fight on the issue on bedbugs infesting their bunk inside Mozambique Hall, but the issue was resolved by the porter.

Trouble was allegedly reignited after the victim fell sick and was unable to tidy up their corner.

The issue then degenerated into an argument during which the suspect allegedly poured the insecticide on her. The victim has since been rushed to the OAU Teaching Hospital.

Reaction on social media:

*** Eeh God o…when her folks are looking for money to sort bills, you are there doing anyhow. May God bring her out of this, Aameen

*** But how can u look at SomeONE straight in the eye and pour sniper into her mouth? Knowing fully well she can die in the process. Who gave you such a heart? Definitely not My GOD!! I can’t even imagine how black ur hrt is

*** No bi everybody, you dey fight.? some are witches and wizards ?

*** Dangerous times with dangerous people. Everybody just dey vex. What happened to love we used to share. Love has gone cold because of harsh economic realities. My people na jeje ooo

*** This wickedness no be today she start to plan am…she just got a better chance to excute her plans.

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