Nurse who got pregnant for boyfriend’s friend, reveals how it happened

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30-year-old nurse who got pregnant for boyfriend’s friend, has finally opened up on what led her to the act.

It was earlier reported in the news on how her fiance attempted to commit suicide on Wednesday last week after discovering she’s pregnant for his best friend.

Nurse who got pregnant for boyfriend's friend, reveals how it happened lailasnews 2
Nurse who got pregnant for boyfriend’s friend, reveals how it happened

She has however defended her action saying it was the fault of her man, Zambian News reports.

Speaking yesterday, the lady identified as Tamara Mtonga, a nurse at Kabwe General Hospital in Zambia, said she does not regret her action because it was the same man (her husband to be – Mr Benson Mulenga) who deliberately told his friends to propose love to her with the aim of testing her trust in the marriage.

Tamara explained that a police officer by the name of Insp. Kelvin Mulilo, a friend of her fiance, did woo her as he was instructed by her man but went ahead to have sex with her several times when she accepted his proposal.

“It was his fault (Mr Mulenga’s), he sent his friend to me but when I accepted his proposal and got pregnant, then he (Mr Mulenga) tried to kill himself. This is not’s being childish and I even told his relatives about this…

She explained that the police officer in question, who is a friend to Mr Mulenga, had told him that it was her husband to be who had sent him to her but that they should keep it a secret.

“This was not the first time Mr Mulenga was sending his friends to propose to me..He did that several times and despite several warnings from me, he could not stop as he really wanted to know whether I really loved him”.

Tamara said she rejected the proposals of 6 other men except the police officer who later made her pregnant.

“I have no remorse or regret over what I did because it was him (Mr Mulenga) who was sending men to propose to me despite being advised to stop”, she said.

Last week on Wednesday, a 32 year old Kabwe male teacher threw himself in from of a moving vehicle after discovering that the lady he was engaged to was two months pregnant for his best friend.

Fortunately, he did not die but the wedding which was scheduled for 2nd March 2019 has now been canceled. Tamara is 2 months pregnant!



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