Nigerians react as Buhari, Atiku snub presidential debate

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Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the decision of two presidential candidates, Muhammadu Buhari (APC) and Atiku Abubakar (PDP), to stay away from Saturday’s presidential debate.

Atiku withdrew from the event, after it was confirmed that Buhari would not attend.

There have been varying reactions especially on Twitter, with users expressing mixed opinions about the turn of events.

NAIJAGOODIES has curated some tweets:

@MrStanleyNwabia: “@atiku turned up, he left due to Buhari’s absence. Buhari did not turn up at all, no official reason. To add insult upon injury, Buhari campaign Ads were now a dominant feature all through the programme. But it is Atiku you are angry with? Are you mad?”

@Thrill_papy: “If Nigerians can’t see what’s going on tonight and still vote for Buhari or atiku in the upcoming election..then we have a huge problem.”

@OgbeniDipo: “Ezekwesili – present
Durotoye – present
Atiku – absent
Buhari – absent
Mogalu – present

Disgraceful and disrespectful for Buhari and Atiku to have ignored this debate. ”

@iam_krisjoe: “The absence of Atiku and Buhari is a blow on the electorates & also democracy. Additionally, it solidifies my earlier stance that electorates never decides who the cap fits. Until when the table turns, lets mind our individual businesses.”

@Ms_Dynma: “Nigerians must push for another debate for only Atiku and Buhari.”

@Chubalus16: “The contest is between Atiku and Buhari and Atiku has stated clearly his readiness to debate Buhari.”

@Shindara2: “I just wish Nigerians could see that both Buhari and Atiku have nothing to offer”

@HuncleCj: “It would have been worth it if these three: Kingsley Moghalu, Oby Ezekwesili and Fela Durotoye had formed that much anticipated 3rd force coalition with Kingsley Moghalu as the presidential candidate. As for APC [Buhari] and PDP [Atiku] hmmm Nigerians are watching.”

@Iykekenton: “Buhari is campaigning on the strength of his achievements and track record of integrity. Atiku, Go and tell Nigerians what you have achieved in your public life other than cornering the nation’s wealth to yourself, family and cronies.”

@K_Basharr: “PDP people are siding Atiku, APC people are siding Buhari. How dem go do? Mans go sha chop!”

@Dozieben2: “Buhari has been the president for the past 3.5yrs, he should come and debate. Your problem is Atiku backing down, fair enough. He has said why he won’t debate. Let Buhari come and show us what he has done in the last 3yrs 7months. Atiku is not afraid to debate.”

@akglitters: “Presidential Debate, where is BUHARI and ATIKU?? Them no get our time, sad enough they got the numbers. Truth be told election is a game of numbers…way forward Nigerians??”



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