Nigerians Drag Falz On Twitter For Not Speaking On The “Sex For Grades” Topic

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Falz is being dragged by a lot of Nigerians on Twitter for keeping mute on the currently trending topic; “Sex for Grades” which has to do with Lecturers sexually abusing female students in West African universities all in the name of wanting to do them academical favours.

While Falz is being dragged is yet to be understood, but according to what we’ve been able to deduce from his oppositions’ opinions, he is being dragged because he is known to be an outspoken person in certain situations like this and always willing to vent his expressions. Therefore, they feel he is being an hypocrite to have kept quiet since yesterday while some other of his colleagues have been speaking on the matter. People believe this topic is a very crucial topic and Falz should be outspoken about it instead of keeping quiet.

Although there have been counter opinions to this as some people believe it isn’t a must he speaks and can decide on whatever he wants to talke about.

What do you think about this development?

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