Nigerians attack Oby Ezekwesili for lending her voice to #FreeSowore #RevolutionNow

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Oby Ezekwesili took to her social media page to state her support for Sowore and his #RevolutionNow protest scheduled for August 5th before his arrest by DSS early this morning.

Nigerians attack Oby Ezekwesili for lending her voice to #FreeSowore

She wrote;

All well-meaning Nigerians should stand with @YeleSowore and defend his constitutional right and freedom to protest any matter of Governance that worries him.

Mr Sowore’s convening of Citizens to protest Poor Governance – via #RevolutionNow- is Constitutionally guaranteed.

If our @NGRPresident @MBuhari & FG @AsoRock are not completely out of touch with the reality of distress of majority of Citizens of this country, they would handle @YeleSowore‘s right to convene #RevolutionNow wisely.

I therefore join the voices of all well-meaning Nigerians to ask @AsoRock  @NGRPresident @MBuhari to:


#DefendCitizenSoworesRight to Speech and Protest captioned

#IStandWithYeleSowore. ✍?✍?

Many of us his fellow #OfficeOfTheCitizen stand with him.

Nigerians used the same platform to attack Oby Ezekwesili for her stance with Sowore on the RevolutionNow movement. See reactions below.

@Kempez2017 – Well-meaning Nigerians will not in anyway stand with @YeleSowore or whoever that wants to put the country into chaos. It’s appalling a former Minister of this great country cannot differentiate between protest and revolution. Ma’am, you are part of the problem of this country.

@DrHidima – Dear @obyezeks, No well meaning Nigerian will stand with an irresponsibly organized crime against the state. Protest isn’t revolution. We support the clamping down on any irresponsible person or group of persons undermining our peace. Sowore or Oby, we will support the govt.

@Olorienem – It’s a pity man that even as enlighten and exposed as you are don’t know the difference between Revolution and Protest . Dont forget to bring your children out also .

@Icon_Ayodeji – Your Red Card Movt failed
Presidential ambition failed
Revolution Now is a failure Any other revolution not done through the ballot box is a COUP!!

@richardfash2014 – A former minister always trying to whip up sentiments against the govt of her country she claim she lived all because of hatred for the leadership….Sowore was calling for a revolution not a protest…a protest is constitutionally guaranteed but a revolution is not..u know this

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