Nigerian man shoots his kids, kills in-laws and himself over divorce

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According to a social media user, JamalNathaniel, he has lost his aunt and uncle after a cousin’s husband shot his kids, injuring them and then her parents because she wanted an end to the marriage.

Man shoots his kids, kills his in-laws and himself because his wife wants a divorce

He wrote;

You see these stories on the news and never think they can happen in your world… Please keep my family in your prayers. We’re all in complete disbelief.

Last night, my cousin’s husband shot and killed her mom and dad, and also shot and injured their son and her sister before killing himself. This all happened because she no longer wanted to be with him. MEN. ARE. DANGEROUS.

You always hear people ask in domestic violence situations “why didn’t she just leave??” ……here is why.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it.

To be clear though— I’m sharing this not to receive condolences, but to bring awareness to the situation and stress the importance of being EXTREMELY cautious about who you choose to share your life with.

Committing to someone is so much bigger than you two. You’re sharing your life, your family, and your friends with this person. That is a beautiful thing, but it is also extremely dangerous.

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