Nigerian Man Aroms Aigbehi Reveals That Poor Condition Of Nigerian Hospitals Killed Tinubus Son

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Nigerian Activist Aroms Aigbehi has just taken to his facebook page to blame Nigeria’s health system for the death of Tinubu’s son and ex-VP Ekwueme’s health; crisis;

A while back I wrote and spoke about how corruption destroys the lives of people in Nigeria. Not just the poor but everyone.

So I read in the papers this morning that Bola Tinubu lost his first son. That must be devastating. He reportedly slumped and died which is a sign of a heart attack. My brother in law got a heart attack two weeks ago in The Netherlands. The ambulance was at his house within 5 minutes and they rushed him to the hospital and stabilised him for days before he was operated. some of his arteries were blocked. He is back home now already walking around.

No matter how rich you are in Nigeria you cannot fly out of the country during a heart attack.

I also read that Dr. Alex Ekwueme is in coma. He was also one of those who ruled Nigeria before and didn’t build our medical system. The governor of his state is thinking of flying him out of the country for treatment. It is hard to fly someone in coma out of the country.

The same Alex Ekwueme, few months ago erosion almost washed his home away. What a way to get old?

When I read all these I wonder why these people don’t feel outraged to want to change things today. What have to happen for our elites to say Enough is Enough?

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