Nigerian Lady Puts Salt Inside Her Neighbours Generator Knocking Its Engine All Because He Refused To Pay Nepa Bill

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Nigerian lady named Åškįå_Zåmåhńį @asikiyageorge54 took to twitter to reveal that she put salt inside her neighbours Generator because he refused to pay nepa bill the tweets got over 132 replies 1,057 retweets 613 likes, it seems she has now deleted it but below is what she posted;


I just poured SALT inside this my Neighbours Generator. He we not pay Nepabill.  But he has money to buy fuel Let all of us be in Darkness.☻

Now he’s BACK from work. You we draw that Gen till Thy kingdom come!!! ?

whats cold is having money to Pay bill twice cos your neighbour doesnt care about his Nepa bill. it have Ended. The Engine have knork so we are both in darkness
132 replies 1,057 retweets 613 likes
Reply 132 Retweet 1.1K Like 613


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