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Nigerian Guy Speaks On “AM I A YAHOO BOY” – See More

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This is a rhetorical question… ‘If you ask me, na who I go ask?’

In our society today, people glorify fraud at every angle and our government is helpless due to the corrupt system that augment these perpetrators.... 'Who's to be blame? '

  Some of our celebrities are no longer role-model but ‘wrong-model’ because of their lifestyles.. Look at the kind of messages they pass in all their channels.. ‘Money must be made by all means’

  It’s none of my business to question your source of wealth, am I #EFCC? but the truth of the matter is that  the crime rate is increasing on dailies  due to flamboyant lifestyle that oppresses the weak… “If you can’t  beat them, join them’.

Many people support this menace because they see it as a blessing in disguise... 'If you no get money, hide your face'

Frustration has led some people to join the bad-wagons when there’s no available opportunity to prosper legally and they opt in… ‘I can’t come and kill myself ‘

People will blame you,  if you don't make it. Whoever that's ahead of you will criticize you for not making it.... 'Your Destiny is in your hand'

Some of  the Victims of this cybercrime have committed suicide  while others are battling with depression … ‘No Sleep for the wicked’

For how long will these abnormalities continue in our nation?….. #THISISNIGERIA

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