Nigerian Billionaire Sujimoto Needs A Wife, Promises Her A House In Banana Island And A Rolls Royce

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Ladies are you Single? Want A Rich Husband? Then read what billionaire businessman, Sijibomi Ogundele aka Sujimoto wants in a woman.

Ogundele, who is into luxury real estate business took to Instagram to talk about his desires before Christmas— he hopes to find true love before Christmas.

Screenshot of his message;
May I, Sijibomi find true love before Christmas?, Someone whom I can crown with a house in Banana Island, And a Rolls Royce before Christmas. You too, what’s your prayer? Are you the ‘crowner’ or how do you want to be crowned?

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The lucky girl, he promised, would get a house in Banana Island and a Rolls Royce.
Ladies, slide into his DM fast!

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